Biden’s Odd Response to Tough Question About His Africa Travel Ban Causes Gasps

Biden’s Odd Response to Tough Question About His Africa Travel Ban Causes Gasps

When Joe Biden was installed into the White House, he made a pledge that he was going to “destroy” COVID. Remember that? I didn’t believe him. Joe Biden has never been successful at doing anything except lining his own pockets, and that’s when he still had a few brain cells that were still in working order. Now, with the mental state he’s in, all bets are off.


So, I am not shocked that things have actually gotten worse under his “Dementia Regime.” I’d be shocked if they didn’t, actually. The death toll for 2021 is now higher than 2020 was, and that was before we had a so-called vaccine. Joe has spewed out more dangerous misinformation than anyone and caused more confusion and hesitancy as a result. Remember when he went on that CNN town hall back in July, and told the world that if they got the vax, they’d never catch COVID, and they wouldn’t be in a hospital, and they wouldn’t die?

Well, we all know how that turned out, right?

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Now, there’s some new variant that’s popped up in South Africa. Four double-vaxed people contracted this new variant that is supposed to be the “scariest thing ever to hit the planet.” Of course, the media started with their “fear porn” right away, and Biden declared a travel ban for some folks in Africa – something he condemned President Trump for doing back in 2020.

So, according to Biden, the situation is dangerous and dire, so why is waiting to implement his travel ban until Monday?

That’s 3 days away from the time he announced it… but this is new variant is so damn “dangerous?”

That’s a question that one reporter wanted the answer to, and what Biden responded with, caused many to gasp in horror.


Does this man have any clue what’s going on or what he’s saying from one minute to the next?

And does he realize when he says he was “TOLD” to call on certain reporters, or that he’s making goofy decisions that make no sense, because he was TOLD to do so, that it doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in the American people?


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Code for: ”They want this new variant in the country so they can have more power again and control everything”.”

“Well, it’s a known fact that viruses work hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:00 pm, with a lunch break of course.”

“I didn’t know the virus only traveled on business days.”

“Who is running this country? We know who is running it into the ground….”

“Because we need three days to spin why banning flights from Africa was racist under Trump but not racist now”

“It’s an emergency, but let’s wait. Oh, and also keep the Southern border open until we decide to follow the court order to resinstate Remain in Mexico.”

“Yeah, this is a horrible variant we must stop…after the weekend. It makes about as much sense as every other thing he does.”

“Chicago did the same thing for mandating masks. The mandate was in effect on the last day of lalapalooza. Anyone who believes democrat are the party of “Follow the science” should really take a step back and see the big picture”

Joe Biden continues to botch the COVID situation the same way he botched Afghanistan. He can’t make critical decisions himself, so he solely depends on the “experts” around him, and we all know that these so-called “experts” are wrong about a lot of stuff.


Now, I don’t believe that a travel ban is necessary for this situation, but, if you’re going to do one because things are so “dire and dangerous” why on earth would you wait, even if your experts told you to? You’d say, “Hell no, this needs to happen NOW for the safety of the American people…”

But, I have a feeling this really isn’t all that dire and dangerous, because if it was, Joe would have closed the US border 10 months ago, instead of allowing millions to pour through.

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