Hilarious Online Polls Pits Biden Against a Ham Sandwich and the Results Are Stunning

Hilarious Online Polls Pits Biden Against a Ham Sandwich and the Results Are Stunning

The Joe Biden “presidency” feels like the punchline to the long and disastrous joke that has been his career. It seems only fitting that this lifelong swamp crook would end it all by looking like a complete and total buffoon on the world’s stage. It’s as if karma had one last humiliating blow for the old ghoul. Joe Biden has always been an inept laughingstock. Remember that famous quote from Barack Obama about never underestimating Joe Biden’s ability to f**k something up? For once, Obama was right.


Now, the country is reeling, with supply chain issues, the border is a mess, inflation and gas prices are soaring, we look like ding-a-lings on the foreign stage, and Biden’s ineptitude has already gotten many people killed.

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A new USA Today poll showed that Joe Biden’s approval has sunk to 38 percent, only to be outdone by his cackling sidekick who polled at an even lower and more embarrassing 28 percent.

Yes, that poll is horrifying, but I found one that’s even worse.

It’s not an “official” poll or anything like that, but I think it’ll make you chuckle.

Conservative Twitter personality “Catturd” conducted a poll asking who would be a better president, a Ham Sandwich or Joe Biden.

I have to admit; the results are pretty stunning.


After nearly 38 thousand votes (that’s a lot), Ham Sandwich is winning by a stunning 98.9 percent with 9 hours remaining.

Here are some responses from folks online:

“Who are the 1% that voted for JB? 🤔”

“I’m taking this question quite literally. I know deep down wholeheartedly that a Ham Sandwich would be undeniably better. I cannot be more sincere.”

“I think Joe voted.”

“At least a ham sandwich is tasty.”

“Why is there a 1% … turn yourself in!”

“Ham sandwich, even without the ham.”

“I’m guessing the Ham Sandwich is offended at this comparison”

“36,000 people would prefer a ham sandwich running a country over joe biden. I’m curious what that number would be if the entire country voted.”

“Any one up for a ham sandwich?”

“But this guy got 81 million votes??? LOLOLOLOL” 

“I voted Ham Sandwich even though I’m a vegetarian.”

Well, the people have spoken, and they’d rather have a ham sandwich running the country than Joe Biden.


I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a much smarter and safer choice.

Maybe we could get a bag of chips at the VP?

Ha ha ha!

I’ll tell you what, if you don’t take a minute to laugh at this mess, you’ll spend all your time angry and crying…so big thank you to “Catturd” for the morning chuckle.

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