REPORT: Biden Appears to Give Harris the “Cold Shoulder” at D.C. Soup Kitchen

REPORT: Biden Appears to Give Harris the “Cold Shoulder” at D.C. Soup Kitchen

If you listen to the DC rumors, things between Kamala and Joe have never been “really good.” But as of now, they’re “really bad.” Kamala probably feels like she’s stuck in the shadow of a drooling buffoon, and Joe probably thinks he’s got a cackling dipwad for a sidekick.

And they’re both right.


Most people know Joe and Kamala don’t get along but it’s reached a fever pitch, and now everyone is hyper-focused on everything that’s going on between the two of them.

And now, The New York Post is now reporting that Joe snubbed Kalama at a DC food bank.

Biden seemed to snub Vice President Kamala Harris Tuesday as they helped prepare meals at a DC soup kitchen during their first public appearance together in more than a week.

Biden made no attempt to demonstrate any fondness for his VP in front of the cameras after Harris allies slammed Biden to CNN last week for giving her tough jobs, such as handling the border crisis, and accused the West Wing of giving her less support than white members of the administration.

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When asked by a reporter what he was grateful for, Biden put an arm around DC Central Kitchen chef Dawain Arrington — who was standing to the president’s left with Harris at Biden’s right — and said, “The people I’m standing next to are what I’m thankful for. He got up. He was knocked down, but he got up.”

Moments earlier, first lady Jill Biden directed Harris to a spot next to her husband, but the president didn’t appear to greet his second-in-command.

“Come on, Kamala!” Jill Biden said, pointing the vice president to a tray of green beans that the VP was put in charge of scooping.

“I’m here!” Harris responded gleefully as she approached.

Press pool microphones didn’t capture any words between Biden and Harris and the president seemed to ignore the veep and return immediately to his conversation with Arrington as he placed turkeys on trays.



Ironically, the rumor is that Jill is the one who doesn’t like Kamala.


But in this situation, she was the only one who appeared to be slightly nice to her.

What a dysfunctional mess this fraud admin is.


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