Watch: Video of Unique New “Biden Did That” Sticker, Hot Off The Gas Pump… And You’ll Love it

Watch: Video of Unique New “Biden Did That” Sticker, Hot Off The Gas Pump… And You’ll Love it

If you haven’t seen the “I Did That” Biden stickers that people are putting on gas pumps all over the USA, where have you been? Do you know what you’re missing? There are several adaptations of this sticker, but this is what they generally look like:


You can order them on Amazon. Just type in “Joe Biden I did That Sticker,” and many options will pop up.

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People are placing these stickers on gas pumps and high-cost grocery items. And just like “Let’s Go Brandon,” the “I Did That” Biden sticker is becoming a nationwide phenomenon.

It’s not a surprise, Joe Biden continues cratering in the polls. The latest USA Today poll has Biden at a horrific 38 percent and Kamala at 28 percent… but we all know they’re much lower than that in reality, don’t we?


And one of the big reasons that Americans are mad is because of the high cost of food and gas.

And that’s why these stickers are so popular. But now, there’s a new one that’s hot off the press, and this one might be the best yet.

You can watch the video below:

It’s funny, the left has done everything they can to silence President Trump and his supporters. They removed him from the internet, and have censored many of us, yet, even so, the American spirit shines through and we make sure that our voices and our opinions are heard loud and clear.


The left might have knocked us down, but we bounced back up, better than ever and ready to fight like mad to get our country back.


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