Two Different Federal Court Losses For Mandating Vaccine For Businesses Show Weakened Biden

Two Different Federal Court Losses For Mandating Vaccine For Businesses Show Weakened Biden

On Tuesday, two different federal courts issued temporary restraining orders against various aspects of the Biden administration’s obligatory COVID-19 immunization program for select employees.

One such order, given by a federal court in Louisiana, essentially prevented a vaccination requirement for health professionals throughout the country who work in institutions that receive federal funds, among other things.

A second order, issued by a federal court in Kentucky, temporarily halted the administration’s vaccination requirement for federal contractors in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.


A series of legal defeats for President Biden as his government attempts to mitigate the impacts of a worldwide epidemic that has already claimed the lives of more than 750,000 individuals in the United States are just the latest.

The judgment by the Louisiana-based court coincides with a decision made on Monday by yet another federal judge, this one located in Missouri, who upheld the requirement for health professionals in ten states but overturned it. The verdict on Tuesday essentially extended the freeze throughout the country.

Following the interim victory, the Republican Attorney General for West Virginia, who was among a dozen state plaintiffs in the most recent case, expressed his gratitude to the Supreme Court.

According to Patrick Morrisey, president of the American Federation of Nurses, “we are glad that the court issued a rational ruling and agreed with individual liberties for health care employees.” In the short term, our organization has succeeded in preventing this requirement from taking effect, and we think that this directive will eventually be declared unconstitutional.


Lawsuits were filed against the health worker requirement, which applied to health care institutions that received Medicaid or Medicaid-related payments, as soon as an agency under the Department of Health and Human Services rolled out the regulation, which occurred earlier this month.

Both of the judgements against the health worker mandate noted worries that the policy might result in staffing shortages as a result of the large number of vaccine-opposed professionals who would be impacted.

It has been stated by the Biden administration that the regulation is required in order to restrict the spread of COVID-19 among millions of health care workers as well as beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid programs.

The second verdict handed down on Tuesday, which dealt with the federal contractor requirement, was more limited in scope, prohibiting the policy from being implemented in any way in the three states that were plaintiffs in the case: Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Contractors in other regions of the nation who are subject to the order have until December 8 to complete their work.



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