While Biden Vacations at $30 Million-Dollar Estate, His Response to Today’s Stock Market Plunge Infuriates Americans 

While Biden Vacations at $30 Million-Dollar Estate, His Response to Today’s Stock Market Plunge Infuriates Americans 

Joe Biden has always been a jerk politician. This loveable “Uncle Scranton Joe” stuff is a total snow job concocted back in the old days when politicians could fool people a lot easier. Biden has always been a dirty player, who used his power to better himself. This has always been his known persona.


So now, when he acts like a grizzled old coot, it’s very fitting of who he really is.

There’s nothing “middle-class” about Joe Biden. He’s a filthy rich elite who is so far removed from “average Americans” that he can’t possibly recognize what we need, and he doesn’t care.

Really, he doesn’t.

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Here’s a man with a 36% approval rating, staying at a 30-million-dollar mansion right now, and shrugging off the worst stock market day of the year, saying he’s not worried, as his precious COVID surges out of control and a new “spooky” variant splashes on the scene.

And it’s that a-hole tone he uses, the “come on, man” malarky he’s famous for.

Meanwhile, a lot of Americans are very worried, and really troubled about the direction the country is heading in.

So yeah, Joe should be worried… but he’s not, and that has Americans really ticked off.


You can watch the video below:

Here are comments from angry Americans:

“This is the guy who was elected because he was going to stomp Covid.”

“Nothing concerns him. He doesn’t give a damm about Americans”

“Joe’s making these BS comments while he’s staying at a $30 million dollar pad in Nantucket” 

“Because he’s old and makes his millions from China” 

“He’s such an Ahole. He does not care about anyone except himself.”

“Has no effect on him or his 1% buddies.”

“Joe doesn’t care, he’s used to killing the middle class” 

“Demented Joey is disgusting. All he care about is lining his own pockets” 

“His money comes from China, so why would he care?” 

Joe Biden has spent his career selling out the middle-class.

Why would he suddenly care about us now, when his mind has turned to mush?

Biden claimed he would “beat” COVID He hasn’t. It’s gotten worse, and the economy and the market reflect that, and through it all Joe Biden and his admin have acted like they don’t care.


Joe did the same thing with Afghanistan.

Do you see a pattern? These political elites don’t care about anyone but themselves.

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