NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Faces Intense Backlash For His Tweet About Kyle Rittenhouse

NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Faces Intense Backlash For His Tweet About Kyle Rittenhouse

NASCAR’s “Jussie Smollett” has chimed in on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and once again, made a big “racial mess” of things when he didn’t have to.


Bubba Wallace, who is arguably one of the least popular drivers on the racing circuit, and not because of the color of his skin, but because he’s a self-centered jackass, who’s trying to make a name for himself the same way Colin Kaepernick did – by holding the fans of NASCAR “hostage” to his personal social beliefs.

And if you don’t listen to Bubba and support Bubba, well, I am sorry to say, but you’re a racist redneck loser.

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Why can’t these athletes and drivers, just leave the politics and social justice for their free time and spend their work time doing what they get paid for… driving or playing whatever sport they’re being paid millions to play?

Well, I will tell you why. Because these guys have enormous egos and are always looking for ways to expand their brand, build their fan base, and get some PR for themselves… and as Colin proved, this social justice activism is a gold mine.

So, Bubba thought he’d take another swing at this – after his failed “noose stunt” didn’t pan out. Now, Bubba is stirring the “race” pot over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

Here’s what Bubba Said: “Ha, let the boy be black and it would’ve been life…hell he would’ve had his life taken before the bullshit trial.. sad”


As a former PR person, I look at stuff like this and think how much better it could have been communicated if people like Bubba truly cared about the “cause” instead of themselves.

If Bubba had to speak out, he could have said something like this: “Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent. I hope as we move forward we can apply this same type of justice and fairness to everyone in America. There are a lot of black folks who don’t believe the system works for them. We need to fix that because we all deserve the right to a fair trial.”

I just came up with that in like 10 seconds, but you get the picture. And it’s not watering the message down to appeal to white people. It’s issuing a powerful statement that won’t be laughed off and chastised as “Joy Reid hyperbole.” People from all walks of life will take it seriously, and see that you’re deeply and emotionally invested in a cause that matters to you.

But Bubba didn’t do that, so the backlash was swift and harsh for race-baiting Bubba.

Here’s what people online said:

“Okay, Bubba Smollett”

“Remember when you lied about a noose in your garage?”

“Oh, the NASCAR hoax guy with the garage pulley is weighing in… adorable.”

“I was a fan of yours, you’re dead to me now. NASCAR’s “Kaepernick”, who can’t hang on the field of play, so he blames racism for all that does not go the way he wants.”

“If a white nascar driver makes a controversial tweet like this he’d have to do sensitivity training and lose his ride.”

Dude. As a longtime #NASCAR guy and someone who initially put myself out there for you when things went down last year, you need to stop sounding like Joy Reid and Nikole Hannah-Jones and get your facts right. I know the #NASCAR suits and journos will back you, but it’s wrong.”

“Seriously @NASCAR? This is acceptable? How did any of it have to do with race? I usually defend @BubbaWallace but you’ve overstepped here man. That’s absurd and a bad look.”

“If he was black he would’ve walked because it’s self defense lmao and what happened to the case where a (black) guy brought a gun to school shot a person and the bail was 27k and was freed the next day come on bro, and I’m black” 

“HUH??? you are better than this Bubba”

“Justice was served he was defending himself” 

“Add @BubbaWallace to the list of celebs who (a) didn’t watch the #KyleRittenhouse trial; (b) know less than zero about the law; & (c) sacrifice the truth at the altar of shameless self-promotion”

“Maaaaannnn I tried so hard to be a fan of yours, and the win at Dega and how you handled yourself last year really made me fight for you. But this just killed all that man.”

“I swear man you play the victim more than anybody. None of this trail was about race. Quit interjecting it in the discussion. What happened to MLK’s dream on a colorblind society. You all have abandoned that. You just ignored it.”

“This post just divides race even further. And for someone who is trying to stop race issues it is a poor take.”

“This guy is ruining NASCAR the same way Kaepernick ruined the NFL and LeBron is ruining the NBA” 

I really don’t know what it’s going to take to get these “sports figures” to shut up about social issues and politics and just stick to their sport.

They bring nothing to the table, but division and anger.

And in the end, it’s actually hurting the cause they claim they’re trying to help. It’s hard to have sympathy for their cause when all these self-absorbed athletes do is kick up a sh*t storm to boost their brand and social media “street cred.”


This whole “athlete activism” is so counterproductive, and it doesn’t actually help the people who really need it.

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