Lawyer Analyzing CNN’s New “Messaging” On Rittenhouse, Says They’re “VERY Concerned” About Defamation Case

Lawyer Analyzing CNN’s New “Messaging” On Rittenhouse, Says They’re “VERY Concerned” About Defamation Case

You’d think the media would have learned a lesson from the Nicholas Sandmann debacle, wouldn’t you? You’d think after so many got sued for slander and defamation, and had their reputations drug through the mud, that they’d tread more carefully with the next high-profile right-wing minor.


But if you thought that, you’d be wrong. Because our media is not a professional group of people who accidentally got it wrong. No. They’re a group of mouth-frothing propaganda artists and left-wing activists, and they all have the “anything goes” and the “ends justify the means” attitude.

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It’s not about “news” and “facts” for these vultures – it’s about pushing their political message and winning the info and culture war. And because of that, here we are again, with a bunch of left-wing fake news peddlers, desperately trying to cover their butts as the looming defamation cases hang in the air above their clownish heads.

And that’s exactly what lawyer and independent journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich is seeing with CNN’s “new messaging” regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse coverage.

Suddenly, CNN now knows all the “facts,” HORRAY!!!

It’s not like right-wing media’s been reporting on these “NEW FACTS” and sharing them all over the internet for well over a year now, or anything like that…


Just wait until you see the laundry list of slanderous fake news items CNN’s been pushing – the reporter lists them all in the clip – and then she announces how they can suddenly “correct the record.”

Amazing “timing,” CNN, you shameless propaganda peddlers.

You can watch the video below:

The reporter who filed this piece, responded to the tweet by Mr. Cernovich, and said that nobody “told her what to say.”


Too bad someone didn’t tell her “what to say” a year ago when her network was once again spreading lies, misinformation, and defaming a minor’s character.

Something they seem to do regularly. No wonder they have horrific ratings.

I have a feeling Team Kyle is already getting ready to unleash a “biblical” amount of lawsuits on these fake news peddlers and propaganda artists, and I will be on the sidelines cheering him on!

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