CNN Has Done A Lot of Horrible Things, But Their New Tweet About Waukesha Could Be the Worst

CNN Has Done A Lot of Horrible Things, But Their New Tweet About Waukesha Could Be the Worst

CNN has done a lot of really stupid things. A lot of dangerous things too, by spreading lies and misinformation to their zombie-viewers.


But what I saw today, could be the worst yet. CNN’s reporting on the Christmas Parade slaughter in Wisconsin is some of the most disrespectful and blatant propaganda I have ever witnessed.

It’s so bad, that I figured they’re going to delete the tweet eventually, so I posted it below and I took a screenshot, as well.

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But the lowdown is simple: CNN is doing everything they can to protect the left’s narrative that BLM is good and MAGA is bad. They want to push the idea that the most dangerous thing in this county right now is “white supremacy,” and angry white men, like the “insurrectionists” who “stormed the Capitol” to “take over the country,” are the real domestic terrorists.

And in order to do that, they need to “whitewash” (no pun intended) what’s actually happening in the news.

And they’re doing it at the cost of everyone’s humanity and decency.

Here’s their latest tweet: “Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others.”

According to CNN, a “CAR” slaughtered those people. Not a BLM supporter. It was a “CAR.”

This is propaganda, and North Korea would be jealous of how good CNN is at it.

But America has had enough, and CNN is getting absolutely destroyed in the comments, and rightfully so:


“SAY HIS NAME you evil Fake News Bastards!”

“A “car” did this? Not a human being with intent to kill and maim and being held on $5 million bail? You guys are a joke.”

“CNN, you’ve done a lot of low-life things, but this right here could take the cake. Children died. Do you have a soul?” 

How does anyone work at @CNN anymore without looking in the mirror and vomiting. You are a disaster and a pathetic joke.”

“reason number 3,473,607 why people hate the media. Some cars did something apparently. Gross reporting”

“Alternative headline. “One week since a black supremist radicalized by the media killed 6 white people and injured dozens””

“This is a deliberate action, it should be called out. Why the cover up?”

“A car? Journalism is dead.”

“A car did that all by itself? Whoa… thanks for the journalism”

“The goal is that when Brooks gets a life sentence, people will be angry because “it was just a car accident.” CNN did well convincing everyone that Kyle was a crazed white supremacist. Hell, lots of people didn’t know that the people he shot were white until the trial began.”

“Imagine the headline if it was a red hat wearing Trump supporter doing this at a Juneteenth parade.”

“There is no limit to the dishonesty of CNN.”

“this is intentionally anger inducing, to drive rage clicks. CNN and the rest of the msm know exactly what they are doing.”

“I’m old enough to remember when those airplanes flew themselves into those buildings.”


CNN knows exactly what they’re doing. This wasn’t a mistake. They are proudly the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, and they don’t care if we know it, or complain about it.

The good news is, a new owner is taking over CNN, and he’s sick and tired of this stuff and plans to make a lot of changes.

So, we’ll see what happens, because we can’t go on like this much longer.

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