[VIDEO] Call 911, Ted Cruz Just Burned Liz Cheney With 6 Blistering Words

[VIDEO] Call 911, Ted Cruz Just Burned Liz Cheney With 6 Blistering Words

Do you want to see how fake the so-called “news” is? I’ll show you. This group of ding-a-lings on CNN, led by floppy-shoe-wearing bozo Jake Tapper, are having a “serious” conversation about Liz Cheney’s “chances” in the 2024 presidential race.


Liz Cheney has no chance in the 2024 race or any race. The woman couldn’t win dog catcher in her local town. They know the base despises her and thinks she’s a traitor and they know President Trump is not a fan. So based on that, they’ll PRETEND that Liz Cheney has political power and that she’s still “got it.”

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What a total joke our media is.

This is why you can’t take these fake news clowns seriously. Literally, every single thing they do and say has an ulterior political motive. Many people call CNN the “CIA News Network” and there’s a lot of truth to that. It’s definitely the “home” of the Deep State narrative.

So, it’s not CNN’s new segment that I want you to watch or worry about – it’s just more of their propaganda drivel.

What I wanted to point out to you was the great BURN Ted Cruz unleashed on Liz Cheney when he replied to the tweet CNN published.

CNN’s tweet read: “Is there a lane for Liz Cheney is New Hampshire in 2024?”


And Ted Cruz responded and said: “Yes. It’s called the Democrat primary”

You can watch the video below:

Ha ha ha. I love it.

And Ted is right, the only “lane” that Liz Cheney has to drive in is the Dem lane.


She’s burned her bridge with The Republicans, and we’re thrilled to see her go.

Democrats can have her!

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