Dems Failed Ideas Are Not Connecting With Americans; Change Is In The Air!

Dems Failed Ideas Are Not Connecting With Americans; Change Is In The Air!

Joe Biden’s unpopularity is increasing day by day. When he first took office, he had an approval rating that was far over 50%. According to a study conducted by USA Today/Suffolk earlier this month, it has already reached 38 percent of the population. Nonetheless, House Democrats are ready to risk losing their seats in the next election if they continue to support his policies.

As the USA Today/Suffolk poll reveals, Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to 28 percent, while that of Kamala Harris is at 28 percent. In an ideal world, the decline in Biden’s approval rating would send a signal to Capitol Hill that the current administration needs to make a course correction. The reason is that today’s Democrats have no understanding of politics, just as they do not have any understanding of economics.

The decision by Biden on Tuesday to release 50 million barrels from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a wonderful instance of this. In the course of its term, this government has taken a number of policies that have made it more difficult to take use of the nation’s indigenous energy resources. When Biden took over as Vice President, the United States was a net exporter of oil. It is now entirely reliant on imports once again.


As a result, the price of gasoline continues to rise. A logical person would interpret this fact as a signal that we need a consistent rise in available supplies. If you will, call it “drill baby drill.” Instead, the president is putting a little amount of petroleum into the market, a quantity so minuscule that it will make no effect on the price of oil. And, even if it is successful in bringing the price down by a cent or two, it will most likely only persist for a period of less than a week.

What the Democrats fail to grasp is that their policies simply do not work. Governments in socialist countries cling to power via authoritarian and totalitarian measures, yet socialism has failed miserably in every country where it has been attempted to structure an economy.

Something about the present Democratic Party’s leaders doesn’t make sense to them for some reason. They’d be delighted to see the unemployment benefits they enhanced during the lockdowns enforced by the government in the goal of stopping the spread of COVID extended forever by the government.

The number of examples of the Democrats’ skewed thinking that might be included in this piece would exceed the available space. The American people, on the other hand, are beginning to see the realities of the Biden administration. If the Democrats wish to continue to exist as a national political party capable of winning national elections, they would be wise to make a change now.

In the event that they do not, they face the danger of becoming irrelevant outside of a small number of states and big cities. Even in that environment, though, the failure of their objective is becoming more apparent. People are fleeing cities such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles because, with the exception of the Riordan years in Los Angeles and the Giuliani-Bloomberg decade in New York, Democrats are still attempting public policy prescriptions that failed in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Now that Democrats are putting those ideas into practice on a larger scale, they are proving to be ineffective. And they’ve thrown in some fantastic new twists, like as defunding the police and banning pre-trial detention of criminal suspects, to spice things up even more.

You wouldn’t accept the type of findings that Chicago schools commonly provide parents about the education of their children if you were seeing a doctor. You couldn’t do it. You’d be dead if it happened. Meanwhile, the city’s Democratic officials continue to oppose any alternative that may result in improvements, such as more school choice options for students.

In a variety of ways, the country is deeply divided. These divisions don’t simply separate individuals based on race or wealth levels; they also divide people based on religion, geography, and even how they interpret the meaning of the American experiment in general. Many people, even the big-government socialists who now lead the party, believe that it is not worth preserving. The majority of them feel it was compromised from the start and should be thrown away with the rest of history.

A large number of other individuals, including perhaps the vast majority of American citizens, think that the country’s finest days are yet ahead of it, which is a fortunate development. Despite the fact that we are far from perfect, if we all work together, we can make things better for everyone.


That’s a message that’s connecting with the general public as well. Real change is coming where it is required from the Republicans, who, although they are far from flawless, are making significant gains in the right direction. Take note of the increasing number of elected politicians who are not elite, middle-aged, upper- or upper-middle-class white Protestant males in their early to mid-thirties who are now on the scene.

The next lieutenant governor of Virginia will be a black woman, according to the latest election results. He is the son of Cuban immigrants, and he will be serving alongside her as the next attorney general. A truck driver who spent just $2,300 on his campaign for the seat defeated new Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney, the most influential Democrat in the state.

Change is in the air, and the winds of change are blowing. The problem for the Republican Party today is to craft a genuine strategy to bring about that transformation, around which it can build a more solid base of support for its efforts to lead the country out of its rut and onto a more promising path in the future.

Maybe Republicans will show another side but both of the political parties suck and hurt us every minute of every day. We need to remove everybody!



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