Don Jr.’s Just “Went There” With an Epic Zinger Launched Directly at The Disgraced Lincoln Project

Don Jr.’s Just “Went There” With an Epic Zinger Launched Directly at The Disgraced Lincoln Project

There’s a lot of blame to go around for the Dem debacle that unfolded in Virginia. Of course, first off, is Terry McAuliffe – let’s face it, he’s a dud. The man was not even popular when he was governor of VA several years back. So, why did they run this old establishment fool again? I dunno, maybe he needed some extra money or wanted to feel like a “mover and shaker” again, or maybe it was just something his buddy in the White House wanted to “gift” him with. But any way you slice it, he stunk as a candidate. Once things started sliding downhill, Terry busted out the old Dem dirty playbook and ran their favorite play – “racism.”


They rounded up 5 young VA Dems and dressed them up like the “white nationalists” at the Unite The Right rally in Virginia, complete with tiki torches, and had them pretend to be Youngkin supporters.

The whole thing backfired, and then it came out that the disgraced Lincoln Project was in on it.

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Needless to say, their stunt backfired so epically that many believe it could have easily pushed more people to Youngkin.

Well, the Lincoln Project, who is still living under that dark cloud of suspicion after they got busted covering up for founding members’ “pedophilia” scandal, is now getting hammered with insults left and right for the tiki hate hoax – literally. Both sides appear to hate them.

But nothing was so sharp and so good as the tweet Don Jr. published. It’s one for the record books if you ask me.

Here’s what Don Jr. said: “The Lincoln Project is almost as good at electing Republicans as they are protecting pedophiles. Congrats, guys!”

Ha ha ha, ouch. That’ll leave a mark.


Don Jr. has the wit of his father, that’s for sure.

The only other person who can fire off big zingers like that is President Trump.


The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – and that’s a good thing!

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