Elizabeth Warren’s “Sweet Potato Casserole Photo Causes a Big Stir Online

Elizabeth Warren’s “Sweet Potato Casserole Photo Causes a Big Stir Online

Well, even though they hate America, and despise all of our traditions, and detest everything we stand for as a country, liberals still celebrated Thanksgiving anyway. I guess it’s hard being a hateful commie with all the mashed potatoes and pie everywhere. And the grand dame of the commie left, ol’ Pocahontas” herself, ditched her hateful American rhetoric about how evil, racist, and misogynist we all are, and threw on an ugly apron, and went to work in her outdated kitchen making a sweet potato casserole for the holiday.


And boy oh boy, did people have something to say about this picture.

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Especially after former NV GOP chairwoman Amy Tarkanian asked everyone to caption it.

Some of the responses are hilarious.

Here’s Liz holding her unevenly baked sweet potato casserole.

Here’s what people had to say about this photo of Liz:


““I’m whiter than these marshmallows!””

“Good lord, Liz, use some of that money you stole by pretending to be “Native American,” and renovate that outdated, ugly-ass kitchen.”

“Ancestral recipe of maize, yams and bison”

“Some people actually voted for me, if you can believe it.”

“Tonto burnt the marshmallows.”

“Navaho toasted buns….”

“Look at what my staff fixed for me at one of my homes.”

“As wealthy as she is, you’d think she would remodel that atrocious kitchen.”

“This is what welcomes you to the gates of hell” 

““Native American Sweet Potatoes, and other Tribal Favorites Served Fresh from my Teepee to Yours””

“Pocahontas celebrates colonialism.”

“My oven is uneven.”

“Just like my Indian ancestors made it”

“Dinners served comrades”

“That won’t feed the entire tribe!” 

So, today Liz returns to behaving like a normal American.


But don’t worry, tomorrow she’ll be back to pushing division and calling America every rotten name in the book.

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