Watch: Eerie “Warning” Video Emerges From Anonymous Group Claiming to be “Procter and Gamble” Employees

Watch: Eerie “Warning” Video Emerges From Anonymous Group Claiming to be “Procter and Gamble” Employees

As you likely know by now, Joe Biden’s “emergency” vaccine mandate will be implemented by January 4th. That’s right, it’s such an “emergency” that it can wait until after the new year. I think that’s what the Democrats call “science.” Regardless of when it happens, one thing is for certain, the mandates will affect many people. We’ve already seen it happening with the airlines, where AA and Southwest had to cancel thousands of flights, reportedly because of employees rebelling against the mandates by calling in with the “freedom flu.” Of course, the media and the airlines tried to play it off like it was the “weather,” but the American people are not idiots.


Now, another group is stepping forward to send a warning to Americans. A group of anonymous people claiming to be “Procter and Gamble” employees have created a video to warn Americans how bad things will probably get after Biden’s mandates take effect.

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This video lays out what will probably happen to the already weakened supply chain, and this info coincides with a recent report from Trucking companies that claim they won’t be able to move nearly as many goods and supplies once the mandates hit.


You can watch the video below:

Many Americans have an issue with this mandate, as quite a few vaccinated people are now getting sick and dying.


People are now wondering if they can catch and spread COVID, why do “vaccinated” people get to keep their jobs?

It’s a fair question. Let’s see if someone actually answers it.

I think the Dems are counting on people getting mad at the “unvaccinated” for this impending supply chain doom. But I think they’ll turn on Biden when all is said and done.

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