[VIDEO] Owner of Pizzeria Hit With Supply Chain Issues Explains Creative Reason He Created “FJB Pizza”

[VIDEO] Owner of Pizzeria Hit With Supply Chain Issues Explains Creative Reason He Created “FJB Pizza”

You look at this story and you think, Oh, that’s a cute little gimmick and you move on. But wait. There’s actually more to it, and this pizzeria owner is actually a marketing and business management genius.


As you know by now, there’s a massive supply chain issue underway, thanks to Joe Biden’s ineptitude, and there’s also a huge cost increase for goods and services, thanks to Joe Biden’s horrifically high inflation. And inflation and supply chain issues mainly affect the working-class people in this county. It’s a real problem when it costs you 19 dollars to buy a back of bacon, or you can’t get your car fixed to get to work because the part you need is on some shipping container bottlenecked at the LA Port.

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That’s why inflation and these supply chains are doing to real, everyday people. And instead of fixing it, Biden’s using both the inflation and supply chain issues as a tool of blackmail to get people to buy into his “Green New Deal.”

But one owner of a pizzeria has found a better way to deal with Biden’s failures.

Since he’s low on pepperoni and it now costs a fortune to purchase, he’s created the “F**k Joe Biden pizza that uses a heck of a lot less pepperoni!

Bizpacreview reported that a pizzeria in Florida is seeing sales take off for a product born out of the frustrations of its owner over inflation and shortages brought about by the supply chain crisis, an owner who clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Phil Solorzano, owner of six Solorzano’s Pizzerias in Sarasota County, created the “FJB Pizza,” which is an intended jab at President Joe Biden, who is making life difficult for small business owners with his ineffective leadership. FJB stands for “F— Joe Biden,” and is written in pepperoni.

“Pepperoni more than doubled. Most products have doubled,” Solorzano told Patch. “Kenny has been telling me for months there are products you can’t find, that are out for two to three weeks. It’s just a pain in the butt.”

“It’s the same pepperoni, the same distributor, but twice the price. We’re taking a jab at Biden,” he added.

Kenny Palin is the general manager and franchise owner, and he told the website, “Business owners have also reached out to us and said hey, listen, we wish we were in a position where we could be true to ourselves and say what we really want to say.”

You can watch the video below:


I love to see that no matter what, that amazing American spirit and ingenuity is still hard at work.


I bet you a million bucks that once word gets around, this guy will have a line out the door for his very clever F**K Joe Biden pizzas.

I know I’d buy one if I lived nearby.

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