[AUDIO] Flynn Claims QAnon A “Disinformation Campaign” And “Probably Created By The Left”

[AUDIO] Flynn Claims QAnon A “Disinformation Campaign” And “Probably Created By The Left”

Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser recently told Republican lawyer Lin Wood that QAnon is “complete nonsense” and that the sophisticated pro-Trump conspiracy theory is a CIA-sponsored “disinformation campaign,” according to a report by the Washington Post.

In an apparent tape of a phone discussion (below) between Flynn and Wood, which Wood just leaked and was originally reported by The Daily Beast, Flynn tells Wood that he’s considering leaving the government.

Wood was reportedly informed by Flynn, “I believe it’s a misinformation effort orchestrated by the CIA,” according to reports. Afterward, he said, “I believe it’s complete rubbish, and that it’s part of a left-wing misinformation effort.”

QAnon has been labeled a far-fetched conspiracy theory claiming the world is ruled by a Satanist cabal of pedophile Democrats who conspired to depose former President Donald Trump, and that Trump will bring them to justice if he is elected president again. Democrats have been running with that narrative for a while now and after listening to that audio, it seems Flynn might agree.

Aside from that, Wood, a Trump supporter and QAnon booster, sent text communications between himself and Flynn to his Telegram channel.

“Check out this Q-related story! Since I was a child, I’ve believed that it was all a set-up and a misinformation effort designed to make people out to be a bunch of kooks “According to one communication that appeared to be from Flynn, After that, the former national security adviser sent a link to an article for a radio program held by Hal Turner, a convicted criminal and far-right broadcaster who has embraced Holocaust denial and white supremacy in recent years.

The validity of the audio tape and text exchanges could not be verified by an insider, however. Within minutes after Insider’s inquiry, neither Flynn nor Wood replied to the publication’s questions.

When compared to his public remarks regarding QAnon, Flynn’s private chats with Wood are a sharp contrast. Flynn has developed a close relationship with the conspiracy theory movement, repeating the QAnon phrase and meeting with QAnon proponents, among other activities. A QAnon conference in Dallas, Texas, featured Flynn, who seemed to support a military coup in the United States in the pattern of Myanmar, much to the pleasure of the assembled crowd. In a subsequent statement, Flynn claimed that his statements had been misconstrued.

He has repeatedly used words linked with the conspiracy theory, such as “digital troops” and the slogan “Where we go one, we go all,” which is typically abbreviated as WWG1WGA. Flynn has also used phrases associated with the conspiracy theory, including the phrase “Where we go one, we go all.” Others think Flynn is “Q,” the mysterious online poster who created the so-called “Q-drops,” which were placed anonymously on the internet, and that he is a member of the government. After it was revealed that Flynn had lied to former Vice President Mike Pence about his meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States, he resigned as former President Donald Trump’s national security adviser in February 2017. Flynn is a retired United States Army lieutenant general.

It was reported by The Daily Beast that Wood’s release of his conversations with Flynn comes amid an ongoing feud between the two, following Kyle Rittenhouse’s accusation last week that Wood was keeping him in jail in order to continue raising money from his high-profile case and using that money for their own personal gain.




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