Gavin Newsom’s Wife Jennifer Makes Bizarre Move That Increases Speculation About Her Husband’s Whereabouts

Gavin Newsom’s Wife Jennifer Makes Bizarre Move That Increases Speculation About Her Husband’s Whereabouts

The rumor mill is heating up on social media, as people get antsier and antsier over the whereabouts of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who hasn’t been in public since he took his booster jab about 11 days ago. Newsom also uncharacteristically did not show up for the climate change summit, and we all know what a Global Warming nut he is. He didn’t even take part virtually, as his office claimed he would. Strange.


The media claims the reason Gavin hasn’t been out in public or attended any events is that he is tending to “family business.”

For 11 days?

But Gavin’s wife made matters worse when she lashed out and posted a tweet directed at the people asking about her husband. But she quickly deleted it.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec tweeted out a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet asking Jennifer Newsom why she deleted it.

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Here is a close-up of the now-deleted tweet:



This move didn’t help her husband. If she can tweet about him, why can’t he stand in front of the press and show the state that he’s okay and able to do his job?

The mystery plot grows even more curious…

Here are some comments online about Gavin’s bizarre disappearance:

It’s very odd indeed not to have heard at all from the governor in 11 days.

That’s nearly two weeks, for crying out loud.

And I don’t think a written statement will cut the mustard.


I think Gavin needs to get out in front of the press and tell the people of California when he’ll be back to work.


Newsom finally appeared on camera, 12 days later and he’s blaming his kids and Halloween for the mysterious disappearance, and nobody is buying it. 


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