GOP is FINALLY Going After George Soros … They’re Waging “Political War” On His Most Successful Scheme

GOP is FINALLY Going After George Soros … They’re Waging “Political War” On His Most Successful Scheme

At least five people are dead after a BLM supporter plowed his car through a crowd of kids and elderly people at a Wisconsin Christmas Parade. Of course, the media isn’t interested in this story because it doesn’t suit their “White Nationalist” narrative. But the reality is this: a radicalized BLM supporter unleashed a terrorist attack, using his SUV like a weapon, and mowed down innocent people in a white neighborhood right after a “not guilty” verdict was reached in a trial that the media turned into a phony “race war.”


That’s what happened. 

And these are the faces of that despicable terrorist act. That little girl front and center in the photo is in intensive care right now, with internal injuries and the media doesn’t care, because the murderer who drove the van wasn’t white.

That’s the current state of affairs this country is in. Humanity is out the window, thanks to Democrats.

What happened at that Christmas Parade is ISIS-level evil. And it only makes sense that Domestic terrorists like BLM and ANTIFA, who’ve gone unchecked, would now adopt “ISIS” tactics to kill their enemies: mowing people down with a car. We’ve seen it so many times before, haven’t we?

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However, the way the media is framing this story makes it sound as if the car itself was on some kind of “autopilot,” just randomly running people over.

Look at this ridiculous headline:

Furthermore, it’s quite stunning how quickly they told us this event wasn’t “terrorism,” – I think it took them about 15 minutes to draw that conclusion, but they still can’t figure out why that guy shot up a country music concert in Vegas? But hey, they can quickly identify parents at school board meetings as “terrorists,” so that’s a good thing, right?



And the biggest question now, is why was this career criminal out on $1,000 bail?

This violent criminal and child sex offender was out and about, while non-violent patriots who attended the January 6th event are still locked up almost a year later.

Why are we allowing this to go on, folks?

The real kicker here is that a Soros-linked DA by the name of John Chisholm is the man who put this disgusting reform into place and thus, allowed at least 5 people to be slaughtered in the streets during a Christmas parade.


Here he is below actually “bragging” about the reforms that ended up taking the precious lives of at least 5 innocent Americans.

This “bail reform” stuff is equally as bad as the idiotic “Defund the Police” nonsense from the communist left. And that’s what this is rooted in – Marxism. And I’m referring to bail reform for violent offenders, just to be clear.

Communists believe that the real criminals are “political dissidents,” but that rapists, murderers, and child sex offenders can all be rehabilitated with therapy and love.

And the reason we’re seeing a lot of this stuff pop up now is because of the push Soros made several years ago when he financially backed prosecutors with this Marxist mindset.

And Tom Cotton has taken notice, and after the slaughter at the Christmas parade, he’s calling it out and demanding every Soros prosecutor to be recalled.

Here’s what Tom said: “Every single Soros prosecutor needs to be recalled, removed, and replaced.”

I love this. This is how we fight. We call out the big guy, the “man who must not be named,” and we drag him and his plot to destroy this country into the town square for all of America to see.


Trust me, if Americans thought Critical Race Theory was bad, wait until they get a load of what the left is trying to do with “criminal reform” and how it will turn their safe suburban neighborhoods into a violent “Christmas Parade” every day.

This is how the “good fight” starts, and now we need elected officials on the right to keep hammering away and get more and more people educated on what Soros is doing with these Marist DA’s he’s funding.

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