Ted Cruz Just Swatted Jim Acosta Away Like a Pesky Bug With One Hilarious Tweet

Ted Cruz Just Swatted Jim Acosta Away Like a Pesky Bug With One Hilarious Tweet

Jim Acosta is so desperate for ratings and attention that he’ll pick a fight with just about anyone in order to get some of that old-fashioned “resist” attention from the left. But what ends up happening, is that he makes such a fool of himself that those of us on the right get a hold of the story and mock him to high heaven. It never works out quite how these “resisters” hope it will. Acosta spent all that time being a jackass at the WH briefings, just to land himself an embarrassingly low-rated show. Now, thanks to his show, we can clearly see how truly unpopular Jim Acosta really is.


So, that’s likely why Jim went after Tucker and Ted Cruz with another one of his incoherent ramblings. Tucker didn’t “bite,” but Ted Cruz must’ve been really bored, so he responded. But just enough to mock poor Jimbo and remind him what an unpopular loser he is.

After getting nowhere with Tucker, Acosta turned his attention to Ted Cruz. Jim said that Ted could have been a candidate for CNN’s silly “bulls**t factory employee of the month” award if he were a Fox employee instead of an “aspiring” employee.


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Good lord, what a ramble-fest.

Jim Acosta is really upset that Ted went after Liz Cheney and Big Bird, apparently and he was lamenting over what Ted Cruz said about both of those BIG birds. Here’s what Ted said about Liz:

“I look at the situation of Liz Cheney and I just think it’s sad. I think she falls into the category of people who Donald Trump just broke. Just shattered — she’s lashing out at Trump, at Republicans, at everything. She’s become a Democrat and it’s sad to watch what has happened. It is Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Cruz later went after Big Bird for pushing the vaccine on kids who don’t need it by saying that PBS is “Government propaganda… for your five-year-old!”

Here’s what Jim said in response:

“Ted Cruz — he could have been a contender with his recent criticism of Big Bird — and his accusation that Liz Cheney suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.” [Um, Jim?]
CNN then rolled a clip of Cruz saying:

Again, Ted must’ve been bored to even give that commie gibberish the time of day. But his response was hilarious… especially that last dig about Jim’s low-rated show:

“There is a reason that CNN has no viewers. It is not remotely a news organization. It’s just angry, dishonest, partisan propagandists. Can you imagine Walter Cronkite doing this? Acosta is a 🤡🤡 But that’s ok: 6X as many people will see this tweet as watch his show!


Again, Acosta gets swatted down like an annoying little bug and mocked for having that terribly unpopular show.

And actually, Jim probably has a lot to be worried about. CNN is about to get a new big boss, and word has it he wants to revamp the entire network and get them back to reporting “actual news.”


So, looks like ol’ Jimmy will probably be out of a job soon, because we know he reports nothing even close to “news.”

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