[VIDEO] SNL Alum Jim Breuer Wants to Know If You’ve “Caught On” to What The Government’s Really Up To

[VIDEO] SNL Alum Jim Breuer Wants to Know If You’ve “Caught On” to What The Government’s Really Up To

I didn’t think this country could be more divided than it was under Obama. But then 2016 came along, and the Dems lost the election, and then they lost their damn minds, and all hell broke loose.


But even as crazy and dysfunctional as that was, it’s gotten way worse under the s0-called “leadership” of Banana Brain Joe Biden. It turns out Dems are even worse at (cough, cough) “winning” than they are at losing. Joe Biden has turned this country into an absolute communist clown show, and he’s the absent-minded ringleader who’s hell-bent on shoving through the radical green agenda, even if it means destroying the middle-class (again). Because Joe and his puppeteers think they know what’s best for you. You’re just a lowly ignorant peasant who doesn’t realize that windmills and oat milk are the keys to life’s greatest joys.

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And how are they going to implement this radical “reset”? Well, they can’t do it when everything is going great, can they? No. They can’t expect you to buy into electric cars and eating bugs when gas and beef are so darn cheap. They hike up the prices so the average person can’t afford either. They take away your ability to get your gas-guzzling car fixed, because the part you need is stuck on some cargo ship floating in the Port of LA, but don’t worry, Mayor Pete just bought a new diamond-studded baby rattle from Barney’s. That should make you feel better.

And while all of this orchestrated misery is going on, they need to distract you so you don’t have time to get mad at them.

How will they do that?

Race wars, vaccine mandates, and Marxism in elementary school!

Are you catching on yet?


That’s what SNL alum Jim Breuer wants to know in this absolutely brilliant two-minute clip that will open your eyes.

You can watch the video below:

Jim is right. The powers that be are playing us like cheap fiddles and while we scream and yell and throw hissy fits, they make all of their moves.

This reminds me of something that I saw yesterday online. Cenk Uygur, who is one of the biggest far-left progressives, and the creator of the Young Turks – a highly left-wing activist and media group put out this tweet.

Here’s what Cenk said: Right-wingers, you hate me (I’m not overly fond of you either). But you want to fight big pharma, and so do I (for different reason). You want election reform, I want election reform. One day we should stop bickering about social issues and fight our corporate overlords together.

Of course, if you look at his timeline right now, he’s trashing Trump supporters left and right.


So, it looks like Cenk can’t break out of the cycle of “constant bickering,” either.

It’s a tough habit to kick, but as Jim points out, it helps if you “catch on” to what’s really going down.

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