[VIDEO] Hard to Believe, But Biden Just Made One of His MOST Embarrassing Blunders Yet

[VIDEO] Hard to Believe, But Biden Just Made One of His MOST Embarrassing Blunders Yet

About 10 months into Joe Biden’s so-called “presidency” and we’re all pretty used to him making a string of disastrous blunders when he opens up his pudding-hole to speak. His “presidency” has been a mixture of horror and comedy, the likes of which we never dreamt possible. I knew Joe would be a disaster, after all, he’s always been known as a total buffoon, but even I wasn’t prepared for the level of buffoonery we’ve reached.


He thought his sister was his wife, he can hardly remember where he’s at (I don’t even know if he realizes he’s alive half the time), and as harsh and “mean” as some people might think that sounds, I’d remind you that this walking brain fart is supposed to be the leader of the free world, and nothing I say is mean enough to convey the absurdity of that fact. We have a man who appears to have full-blown Dementia or Alzheimer’s literally “leading” the United States of America, and the time for polite niceties has long passed.

MORE NEWS: Please, someone, wake me up when this man is in a memory care facility, where he belongs.

I used to have moments where I felt sorry for Joe because this looks and feels like an open and shut case of elder abuse, but I am so far beyond that now, thanks to how this puppet for communism is destroying the middle class (again) and making a complete mockery of our country.

81 million votes, my a**. 

And speaking of the Biden “Gong Show,” when Joe was speaking today, talking about how much “good” he’s done (insert huge eye roll here), he made one of his most embarrassing blunders yet… which is quite an accomplishment, given all the incoherent bile he’s upchucked in the past.

It appears that Biden, who depends on his teleprompter like its oxygen, has lost his ability to use it properly, not that he ever really mastered it, to begin with.

But things have gotten worse…

During his blathering speech, Biden was reading the words that someone else wrote for him and he added, “end of quote” at the end of his sentence.

Dear lord, no…

That’s right, Joe literally read the instructions off the teleprompter as if it were part of his speech.


But he’s fine folk, what are you complaining about?

You can watch the video below:

Yep, that’s our so-called “president.” Aren’t you proud?


Please, someone, wake me up when this nightmare is over and this clearly sick old man is in a memory care facility, where he belongs.

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