[VIDEO] Joe Biden Unexpectedly Loses His Temper and Starts Yelling at Peter Doocy

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Unexpectedly Loses His Temper and Starts Yelling at Peter Doocy

Joe Biden is not well. This is a man who can’t communicate properly, he sometimes can’t speak at all, and other times he misspeaks, forcing his admin to “clarify” or even walk back idiotic things he’s said. Some false things he says are downright dangerous. Remember the time he went on a CNN town hall and told the world that if they took the vaccine they wouldn’t get COVID? That turned out to be completely wrong. And I am sure that many people who got the vaccine based on that misinformation from Joe Biden feel confused right now. Can you blame them?


Joe Biden looks and acts like a loose cannon. He reminds me of my grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s. She’d have good and bad days, and on her bad days, she’d often have these bizarre outbursts of anger. They’d just come out of left field… so when I saw this disturbing clip of Joe Biden losing his cool in the middle of a sentence, I thought of her.

Biden lost his temper when speaking to Fox Reporter Peter Doocy.

Last week Doocy asked Biden about reports going around about his admin paying $450K payments to some folks who crossed the border illegally, and at that time, Biden called the reports “garbage.”

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Later, his own White House spokesperson confirmed the story and said it was a DOJ matter.

The payments are reportedly part of a settlement for families separated when they illegally crossed our border.

Doocy followed up on his question from last week when Biden called it “garbage,” and Joe didn’t appear to like that and lost his cool.


You can watch the video below:

What a bizarre and chilling moment that was. Something definitely feels “off” with this guy.

This isn’t how normal people react or respond. It feels as if Joe Biden has lost complete control of his emotions… and if you believe the stories coming out of Rome, that’s not the only thing he’s lost “control” of.


Either way, if you ask me, this man isn’t fit for office.

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