[VIDEO] All Joe Biden Has to Do is STOP Doing This

[VIDEO] All Joe Biden Has to Do is STOP Doing This

If you have a long-time reputation for double-dipping your chips and veggies in the dip, and it makes people uncomfortable, and they’ve asked you to stop double-dipping, it would be nice if you honored their wishes, and stopped double-dipping.


If people can watch videos of you at parties double-dipping, and there are countless pictures of you double-dipping, there may be a problem with you double-dipping, and you should force yourself to stop.

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That’s the best example I can give to illustrate the issue with Joe Biden and his creepy interactions with young kids.

His family and friends may love it. They may find it endearing and warm and lovely to see Joe Biden nuzzle children, whisper to them, and touch their faces intimately.

But just like double-dipping, it can seem harmless to the people close to you, but turn others off. So, it’d be better to just stop behaving that way, and if you can’t stop, ask yourself why because there may be a problem and you might need help.

All that Joe Biden has to do is NOT do THIS, yet, he can’t seem to stop himself, or he doesn’t care that it bothers many people.

In my opinion, this is not how anyone should touch or interact with another person’s child unless that person has given you permission to do so – and even then, it’s weird. But especially someone like Joe, who is on video, engaging what MANY people believe is very inappropriate touching.

Now, I am not suggesting that Mr. Biden is trying to “molest” this child. But what I am saying is that this behavior is off-putting to many Americans. It harkens back to those creepy videos and also the complaints from women who felt uncomfortable by Joe’s intimate touching, sniffing and nuzzling.

But for some ungodly reason, Joe just won’t stop.


You can watch the video below:

Here are comments from people online:

“This is very creepy” 

“I don’t see this as “grandfatherly” I see this as predatory.” 

“I don’t understand why he just can’t stop. He can still talk to kids, but why does he have to be so grabby?” 

“Biden gonna Biden.”

“The way he looks him up and down and pets him is creepy as hell.”

“Imagine media reaction if Trump would do that…”

“Biden looks like he drives a van with a “free candy” sign” 

“Why the Hell do they still have children around him esp. during public events? He can’t stop himself from doing creepy things around children & women!”

“He is sick those parents shouldn’t let him around that boy . I wouldn’t let him around my grandkids.”

“Kamala is practically shoving the kid at him. Wonder if it’s a setup by her team to bring out the creepiness”

“I’m not joking. I think he doesn’t stop because he’s a pedo.”

“He’s a groomer…..now we know why Hunter and the rest of the kids are so screwed up!”

“I’m sorry but that’s so creepy”

“If that man ever touched my child like that, he’d be picking his dentures up of the floor” 

It’s one thing to give off that “grandfatherly” vibe. It’s another to give off that “groomer” vibe.


And it would bode well for Joe if his Handlers paid closer attention to what many people perceive their “client” to be and coach him not to reinforce the negative stereotype.

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