Journalist’s Wife Shares Insider Info On How Her Liberal Friends Are Coping With Embarrassment Over Biden

Journalist’s Wife Shares Insider Info On How Her Liberal Friends Are Coping With Embarrassment Over Biden

Joe Biden isn’t doing too good. A new poll from USA Today just came out and his approval rating is at an abysmal 38%. The only good news for Joe is that Kamala is worse at 28%. The undynamic duo, who many are now calling “Sh*ts and Giggles” could be the most unpopular pair to darken the doorstep of the White House. Needless to say, that “81 million” number is looking more and more like a joke. How do you go from winning the most historic election in the history of the United States to bottom-of-the-barrel polling in 10 months?


Well, you don’t.

If you truly had 81 million votes, you’d have a lot of padding that would hold you above water for a while. It would take a lot longer to bottom out because of all that support.

But that didn’t happen to ol’ Joe. He cratered immediately.

MORE NEWS: New USA Today Poll Has Biden at Awful 38 Percent Approval, But Kamala’s Numbers Are WAY Worse

And you have to wonder what his few supporters think about this. I know if I were a “Biden supporter” I’d be putting my head down and avoid talking about him, knowing how unpopular he is.

And it’s funny, but we know have some insight into exactly how typical liberal women are feeling about Joe Biden.

Independent journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich shared a tweet today about his wife and her liberal friends, and it’s pretty interesting to get a peek into that world… and turns out they’re pretty darn embarrassed.


Here’s what Mike said about his wife: “My wife still has liberal friends and she said, “None of them post politics anymore unless Trump said something. They don’t have anything good to say about Biden. They pretend he doesn’t exist. It’s so embarrassing for them.”’

It doesn’t surprise me that Biden supporters feel embarrassed. How could they not be?

Just listen to him speak. It’s clear the man has a raging case of either Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

But let’s not forget that Biden just got back from a trip overseas where it’s rumored that he pooped himself at the Vatican, and ripped an “air biscuit” in front of Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles. Every day there’s something new, and this is not what the smug liberal women were hoping for.


Joe Biden is not someone who these women can brag about… and the fact that they voted for this buffoon, humiliates them.

And of course, like every liberal, all they really want to talk about is President Trump. And they call us a cult? Nobody obsesses over Trump more than the left does.

They’re the real cult. 

I don’t know about you, but this peek inside the liberal female Biden voter’s mind made me smile.

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