Panicked Dems Think They’ve Found a Fix For The “Kamala 2024” Problem

Panicked Dems Think They’ve Found a Fix For The “Kamala 2024” Problem

It’s no secret that Kamala Harris is not ready for prime-time. She’s not ready for any time, to be honest. The woman was a disaster during the 2020 primary. Nobody on the left wanted her, so she had to drop out of her race early.


Kamala is an awkward woman. She appears cold, unsure, and phony. And that non-stop cackle is the type of stuff nightmares are made of. So, it really shouldn’t shock anyone that she’s falling flat on her face.

Biden’s Handlers were high on Hunter’s crack when they picked her. But, early on, they declared Joe would choose a black female running mate, and so she got the job as his sidekick and after the sham election, they installed her into a job she isn’t qualified for, and looks terrified to be in.

And now what do they do? They made all these sweeping statements about choosing a black woman. And pundits and media all talked about how the torch would be passed to Kamala – heck most of us thought Joe would have called it quits by now so his queen could step in and “slay.” I know I did. Even though I knew Kamala would be bad, I didn’t know she’d be THIS BAD.

But that hasn’t happened – and barring any medical issues for Banana Brains Biden, it won’t happen, because Kamala Harris absolutely sucks at this.

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So, what do Dems do now after everyone hyped Kamala up as the 2024 heir and thought she’d be a shining star, only to find out she’s a complete and total dud?

Well, they’ve got something in the works, according to Dem strategists…

Joe Biden won’t run in 2024 – just ignore all that talk that he’s going to run, it’s just political buzz to keep Kamala at bay – so, Dems need a way to out the squeeze on Kamala, and they think they’ve come up with a plan.

A crowded primary.

You better bet your sweet bippy, that the DNC will recruit everyone and their brother to run against dud Kamala.

The LA Times reported that many leading Democrats are increasingly public in their belief that Harris, the first woman to be vice president as well as the first Black and Asian American person, will not come into the next nominating race as the prohibitive favorite. They argue in favor of a wide-open primary geared toward finding a general election winner above all else. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is often mentioned as a potential contender, but Democrats expect others will emerge as they did in the crowded 2020 field, which also included Harris.

“There’s going to be a battle for it, and I think that’s very healthy,” said former Sen. Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat who preceded Harris in the Senate and shares her San Francisco political base.


As a measure of how Harris’ standing has fallen since she and Biden were elected, Boxer stopped short of calling her a front-runner for the next nomination.

“Of course, the sitting vice president is going to be absolutely in the mix if she wants to be,” Boxer said, echoing comments of former Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd, who told the New York Times this month that Harris would be on “a short list” by virtue of her job title.

Jennifer Palmieri, communications director in former President Obama’s White House and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, said Black and female Democrats will be the dominant force in choosing the next nominee, whether Harris or someone else, given their status in the party.

Hey, she failed once at the primary, there’s no reason she won’t fail again, right?

But one thing to note – if the Dems go this route, many people will be angry, because they’ll feel like the Dems are abandoning Kamala.

And if they go with Mayor Pete, I think they’ll really be in terrible shape with the black vote. Remember during the primary, Pete couldn’t muster up any support from the black community.


Also, it’s fair to note that Pete’s approvals are also in the toilet. The latest poll has him at a horrid 38 percent approval.

After all, he’s been vacationing while the supply chain has been a mess.

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