[VIDEO] Kamala Harris’s Response to Low Polls, Border Chaos, and Inflation Shocks Many People

[VIDEO] Kamala Harris’s Response to Low Polls, Border Chaos, and Inflation Shocks Many People

Kamala Harris is facing down a lot of political turmoil at the moment. From the hit pieces over at CNN to constant questions about her competence and those lowly poll numbers from USA Today that have her hovering around 28 percent, she’s in a real political pickle. There’s also the so-called “shade war” going on between Joe and Kamala, which includes rumors he wants to replace her and claims that she thinks he’s a “racist.”


Any way you slice it, this is an admin in utter ruin and we’re not even a year into this debacle.

And now Harris, who is clearly trying to get her face in front of the cameras more, agreed to appear on ABC News and deal with some tough issues. Well, she showed up, but she certainly didn’t “deal” with anything, more like “dodged” the issues.

Kamala’s answers, or lack thereof, shocked many people. She really isn’t prepared to do this job, is she?

Let’s get started:

Kamala thinks the answer to help Joe’s sagging polls numbers (hers are even worse) is to “double down” on what they’re already doing.

Isn’t that what got them the low polls numbers, to begin with?

MORE NEWS: Insiders Say Harris/Biden “Shade War” Just Got Worse With This Latest Leak

You can watch the video below:

When asked about her failures at the border, Kamala’s response is that we can’t “flip a switch” and fix it.

Maybe George should have reminded her she and Biden “flipped a switch” and broke it? Of course, he didn’t do that, but we all know that’s what happened.


Kamala had no response for what to do at the border, and she’s the actual “Border Czar,” think on that for a minute.


When asked about inflation, Kamala’s response was that it was “real” (gee, ya think) and that it’s because of two years of a pandemic, not poor policies, and decisions from her administration.

We were near “energy independent” under President Trump, and Joe Biden’s policies destroyed that. He’s more interested in making his rich, white liberal friends happy by cramming the “Green New Deal” down our throats, than keeping gas prices low for the middle-class.


Here are some comments from folks online:

“Aside from her extreme dislikability, her reputation as an immoral political climber, her inability to connect with the public on any issue, her horrendous mannerisms, her failed political viewpoints and her total lack of accomplishment during her entire lifetime, why does she have the lowest polling numbers in the history of polling. Must be racism or misogyny or something.”

“It was better under Trump. You flipped a switch and made it worse.”

“No, but Dominion voting machines allowed you to flip a switch and make it worse.”

“This kneepad political climber is the quintessential Empty Suit.” 

“She really has no clue. This is shocking. She’s a complete waste of space” 

“Her voice is annoyingly insincere”

“This shockingly bad interview tells me they’re trying to get Buttigieg to replace Joe instead of her”

“Hey, lady, two years of a pandemic has not a Fing thing to do with shutting down pipelines.”

“Biden’s numbers are low simply because he sucks as a public servant and acts more like a public serpent.”

“My goodness, She’s as clueless as her running mate.”

“And this is AFTER her PR “makeover” from the crisis team” 

Here’s the entire interview, if you feel like torturing yourself:

This admin is such a catastrophic failure, it’s mind-boggling how bad they truly are.

And I know a lot of this is “planned” by the puppeteers who are trying to usher in the “great reset” and kick-start this “green economy” nonsense, but a lot of it is also because these people are not ready for prime time. They’re inept.


Joe Biden is running around with a raging case of “Alzheimer’s” and Kamala Harris is a dolt. I am sorry, but there’s a reason this woman had to drop out of the Dem Primary so early. She’s awful.

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