Watch: Kayleigh McEnany’s “Family Backyard Campfire” Video Sends Liberals Over The Edge

Watch: Kayleigh McEnany’s “Family Backyard Campfire” Video Sends Liberals Over The Edge

The reason that the left despises Kayleigh McEnany so much is because she was so good at her job, she’s a staunch Christian, she stood by her “man” (President Trump), she’s smart and beautiful. Kayleigh is everything that the left despises, so anything she says or does just sets them over the edge.


And her latest backyard family campfire video seems to have really hit an especially angry nerve.

Probably because she looks so fresh, and happy, and sounds so bubbly. Oh, and also, because she’s promoting (in a fun, kitschy way) her new book that shares what it was like working for President Trump.

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So, Kayleigh gathered her sister, and her husband, and her dad, and a bunch of other people to help her promote the new book… and they did it outside, in the backyard by a nice “campfire” and nobody took it seriously, but that’s what made it so fun and approachable.

You can watch the video below:

Many of these liberals are so angry, they don’t realize Kayleigh’s dad held the book upside down as a cute “ha ha” joke.

Good grief, what humorless bitter betties these people are.


Here’s what the angry, triggered liberals had to say:

“If by triggered you mean laughing hysterically…then yes….definitely triggered. Especially with her stupid dad holding the book upside down”

“One idiot is holding the book upside down. LMFAO”

“It’s kind of sad. My Daddy wouldn’t have said “riveting” sarcastically while holding my published book upside down and my Sister wouldn’t have slipped a fiction novel between the pages of my book. This doesn’t trigger me but it makes me grateful for MY family.” 

“This is the first Im hearing of it and I just find it incredibly funny that she borrowed Trump’s makeup for it.”

“How thoughtful, they can just toss them right in the fire!!”

“Oh that fire is looking a little low anyone have some cardboard or paper to burn? oh sweet we’ve got a bunch of copies of Kayleigh’s sh*tty book”

“Can’t even imagine the hate filled Thanksgiving they all shared together. “

“She’s camouflage with the fire. Holy orange skin, Batman.”

Well, Kayleigh will laugh all the way to the bank, because I have a feeling that her book will do amazing sales.


Her book and President Trump’s book are both coming out at the same time, and right in time for Christmas.

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