[VIDEO] People Online Are Convinced These Kenosha Protesters are “FBI Agents” Acting

[VIDEO] People Online Are Convinced These Kenosha Protesters are “FBI Agents” Acting

It’s a sad day when the FBI is so disgraced and mistrusted by the American people, that a large swath of folks actually believe that federal agents are now posing as “protesters” to rile things up and divide people.


That’s where we’re at right now, and it’s not the people’s fault. It’s the FBI’s fault. This happens when you are not transparent and when you employed scumbags like Peter Strozk and his married lover Lisa Page, who turn their positions of power into political weapons. Also, let’s not forget that there are questions surrounding how many federal agents or federal informants were on the ground on January 6th. We know there were quite a few FBI agents involved in the goofy “plot” (using that term really loosely) to kidnap (using that term loosely, too) Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. So, what else are these guys up to?

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And James Comey and his sidekick Andrew McCabe don’t have the most glowing reputation either and don’t get me started on Christopher Wray. The list of FBI issues, scandals, and questionable behavior is a mile long, and that’s enough to make people feel as if the left has weaponized the bureau for political purposes. Is it true? Well, I don’t know, I can’t lay out a list of iron-clad facts that say “yes, they’re compromised.” That’s not how this sort of things works, unfortunately, but it’s the perception by a large swath of the American people, and that alone should concern the once-respected bureau.

And so that brings us to the situation unfolding in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where supposedly angry protesters are clashing. We’re told the “Pro-Kyle” side is clashing with Black Lives Matter, and of course, tensions are growing and racial slurs are flying (insert eye roll here). Yes, some random guy with a bullhorn and a microphone tells an angry black guy to get his “black ass out of here.”

It’s amazing that this highly charged “racist” moment was caught on camera for CNN, MSNBC, and all the other left-wing outlets to roll, in order to back up their absurd claims that somehow the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is all about “race.”

I will remind you that Kyle is white, and he shot three white people.

Two of them died.

One deceased man was a convicted pedophile, the other man was convicted of strangling his brother, and holding his grandmother at knife-point, and the survivor was convicted of burglary, drunk driving, and a domestic incident. Salt of the earth.


At least two of them were active members of Antifa – the anti-American left-wing communist group of white people who show up at every BLM protest light fires and throw bricks and soup cans at people. BLM has often blamed Antifa for starting the violence at their protests. So, it sounds odd that they’re now going to stick their necks out for three white felons shot by a white kid defending himself.

Yet, here we are, with another “racist” hotbed issue to tear the country apart – and everyone involved is white.

Things that make you go “hmmm.”

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying about this clip:

“who even says that dumb sh*t? That fed does his research by watching the Chapelle show”

’I’ve been a conservative Republican all my life and I’ve never talked like that and would never. Nobody I know talks like this. This guy, whoever he is, is trying to stir things up. And the MSM is loving it.” 

“How many fbi agents can you spot? How many crisis actors?”

“Tonight, The J. Edgar Hoover Players Present: The Vest & The Bullhorn Script by Christopher Wray Directed by Merrick Garland”

“Ah yes reminds of Jan 6th again. The distinct overacting of the feds is unmistakable.”

“Bystanders who mostly have professional photography equipment instead of cell phones. Hmmm….”

“Same as 1/6. The reporters all just happened to be in the right place at the right time and were taking pics of the Shaman guy posing in the hallway. Lol”

“Playing the part of a working class Wisconsinite..with his Carhartt jacket.”

“hahaha they are desperately trying to make it look like it is all about race.”

“Bad FBI dinner theatre.” 

“Have zero doubts… seems fbi now just an arm of the left… a super pac with power”


“Feds playing it up for the cameras. Similar to January. Next they’ll force their way into the building.”

“Federal Bureau of Instigation. “

One user noticed something interesting.

You’ll recall a couple of months back they held that J6 rally and President Trump told nobody to go – that it was a setup? Well, there was a group of guys there who also got called out as “feds” from folks online.

Protesters from the J6 rally and a protester from the Kyle Rittenhouse protest have the same taste in watches.


Now, I know the FBI doesn’t issue watches, but birds of a feather tend to share style together.

Very interesting.

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