Popular Rapper Has Three Words For America -”Bring Trump Back!”

Popular Rapper Has Three Words For America -”Bring Trump Back!”

In case you haven’t noticed, Kodak Black has never been shy about his affection for former President Donald Trump. However, in case you haven’t seen, his most recent tweet makes things fairly apparent.

The Florida MC turned to Twitter on Saturday, writing to his 3.8 million followers, “Bring Trump back,” in a message that has since gone viral, to express his feelings about President Donald Trump.


Following a 2019 arrest and 46-month sentence, Trump gave him clemency on his last day in office, prompting him to declare himself a full-fledged supporter of President Donald Trump (also known as MAGA).

The rapper, who has an autographed MAGA hat, told TMZ earlier this year, “I’m a genuine one, Trump’s a real one.” “We’re Geminis,” says the author. His birthday is only a couple of days after mine. Pops, you know Pops, my lawyer [Bradford Cohen], I refer to him as Pops in the same way that I refer to my father, if you understand what I’m saying. He’s familiar with Trump in this way, so it’s as if Trump knows what’s going on.”

In an interview with online star DJ Akademiks in October, Black—who has also lately addressed concerns about him groping his mother’s buttocks in a viral video—explained that he wanted to rep Trump a little bit more in order to get more attention from the media.



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“I’d be there for that young man,” I said. “I’ve become a part of the team,” he said. “I really want to wash his hand. He was quite concerned about my well-being. I really want to make it work for that guy. “Trump, with whom are you putting pressure?”

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