Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse Inside a Florida Restaurant Goes Viral

Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse Inside a Florida Restaurant Goes Viral

It’s only been a couple of days since young Kyle Rittenhouse got his life back. A jury of his peers found him not guilty in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the events originally took place. Kyle’s case should have never have gone to trial, but the city of Kenosha bent the knee to the mob and turned young Kyle’s life upside down.


In the end, justice prevailed, and we all realized that our country isn’t totally lost yet. I will admit, I thought they would hang the jury. I thought, even though the law is on Kyle’s side, and the videos show what actually happened, that we were so divided as a nation, and jurors were now “activists,” that no jury would ever agree, and he’d be going through one mistrial after another.

I was wrong, and I am happy I was wrong because it tells me that the media and the mob are losing more power, and that’s a good thing as we head into 2022 and the big red wave.

And speaking of big red waves, guess where young Kyle was just spotted?

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In the reddest state in the nation – Florida.

A photo of a beaming Kyle is making the rounds online. He’s in a restaurant with a group of people and according to the person who posted the photo, he’s there to meet with Tucker.

As you know, tomorrow Tucker will air his interview with Kyle.

Here’s what the poster said: “Kyle is in Englewood Florida and has an interview with Tucker on Boca Grande which is the badass little island I’ve been working on for months. Welcome to Florida bro”


Welcome, indeed!

I also love what popular pro-Trump account Catturd said: “The smile you make when you’re about to own MSNBC and CNN.”

Ha! Let’s hope!!

What a cheerful face that sweet boy has. Here are the comments from people online:

“My fellow men….remember being 18? Lol. Look at our boy here?”

“Welcome to Florida Kyle….. DeSantis territory. We love you as does God.”

“Kyle is about to be on a crazy roller coaster ride. Needs good people around him to help guide him through all this.”

“I see a Trump meeting coming up….”

“When that kid is old enough to buy a beer, no one who matters will let him”

“Welcome to Florida with open arms”

“I’m so happy to see this kid in Florida.”

Some people are worried about Kyle’s whereabouts being mentioned. I know it sounds scary, but nowadays everything ends up on social media.

Everyone’s got a phone and social media – it’s part of life. And the black man sitting at the other table on his cell phone in the photo is part of Kyle’s security detail.


He’ll be okay.

I think he should move to Florida.

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