Rep Lauren Boebert Trolls AOC, Biden, and Dems With One Amazing Photo of Her and President Trump

Rep Lauren Boebert Trolls AOC, Biden, and Dems With One Amazing Photo of Her and President Trump

Next to Marjorie Taylor Greene, nobody can troll and turn the liberals into insane loons as Rep Boebert can. She’s got this magical way of making liberals cry out in agony. And it’s a wonderful thing to see. And as you know, another thing that’s driving liberals mad is the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that is sweeping the nation. They can’t stand seeing us having fun while mocking that senile buffoon who’s occupying the White House. And the more they cry, the louder we get.


And speaking of LGB, that’s part of the reason Rep. Boebert lit the internet on fire today.

But it’s so much more than that.

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Lauren trolled AOC, Joe Biden, and all liberals with this one photo.

She attended a gala event at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

All had A fun time!

Rep Boebert was there, and she was wearing an “AOC-style” Met Gala dress, but Lauren added a new and much better “spin” to the dress.

Instead of “Tax The Rich,” her dress says “Let’s Go Brandon,” which is brilliant. She trolled Biden with that, trolled AOC with the style of dress, and she’s standing there with President Trump, which you know sends liberals into orbit.

That’s a “three for the price of one” photo!

And the liberals have gone hog-wild with anger in her comments section. I won’t dignify them by posting their vile filth, but trust me, they are over-the-moon butt-hurt.

It’s fantastic!


Look at this amazing picture:

What makes this so great, is that the elites can’t stand being mocked.


They don’t care if you call them hypocrites, or liars, or even thieves, for crying out loud… Just don’t MOCK them, because they wither and die when that happens.

And that’s precisely what this photo does. It mocks so many people at once. It’s the perfect ammunition against communist political elites.

Keep it up and LET’S GO BRANDON!

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