Meadows Agrees To Provide Documents And Appear For Jan 6th House Committee Deposition 

Meadows Agrees To Provide Documents And Appear For Jan 6th House Committee Deposition 

As part of its investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, the Democratic-led House select committee has reached a new agreement with former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who will appear for an initial deposition and has stated that he is cooperating by providing documents to the committee.

According to the committee and Meadows’ attorney George Terwilliger, the parties struck an agreement on Tuesday that includes Meadows’ presence and the handing over of documents, according to the committee. The committee, on the other hand, said that it is still considering whether or not to take further action against Meadows, depending on how helpful he is in providing his evidence.


“By way of his attorney, Mr. Meadows has been communicating with the Select Committee. He has provided the committee with papers, and he will go before the committee for a first deposition shortly after that “Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who serves as the committee’s chairman, expressed his enthusiasm. “It is expected that all witnesses, including Mr. Meadows, would submit any information that the Select Committee is legally entitled to obtain and that will be required of them by the Committee. After the deposition, the committee will continue to evaluate his level of cooperation with our subpoena.”

When it comes to cooperating with the investigation, Meadows’ attorney has repeatedly stated that his client’s objections are based on claims of executive privilege, which has been waived by the current president, Joe Biden, and is currently being debated in the courts in the case of Donald Trump. Terwillger said on Tuesday that they are continuing their search for a solution that does not violate their concerns..

According to Terwilliger, “as we have done from the beginning, we continue to work with the Select Committee and its staff to see if we can reach an accommodation that does not require Mr. Meadows to waive Executive Privilege or to give up his long-standing position that senior White House aides can’t be compelled to testify before Congress.” It is encouraging to see how receptive the Select Committee is to accepting voluntary comments on subjects that are not classified as privileged.

Meadows has been repeatedly told by lawmakers that if he does not comply, they would submit him to a criminal contempt committee. He failed to appear for a deposition scheduled for November, resulting in one of the latest warnings being issued against him.

Thompson and ranking member Liz Cheney, both Republicans from Wyoming, said in a joint statement after Meadows failed to appear on Nov. 12 that Meadows’ actions today — “choosing to defy the law — will force the Select Committee to consider pursuing contempt or other procedures to enforce the subpoena.”

Despite this, the panel has not taken any action on Meadows’ remarks, in part because legislators face a more difficult legal test with Meadows than they did with former strategist Steve Bannon, who was not working for the Trump administration as of January 6. After Bannon was served with his subpoena on September 23 — the same day Meadows was served with his — the committee recommended that he be charged with criminal contempt.


While deciding whether or not to take comparable action against Meadows, the panel has taken more than twice as long as they should.

In a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, the committee will vote on a criminal contempt referral against former Trump Justice Department employee Jeffrey Clark. If the reference is allowed, he would be the second person to bring a case before the panel.

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