NBA Player Claims Legend Michael Jordan ‘Has Not Done Anything For The Black Community’

NBA Player Claims Legend Michael Jordan ‘Has Not Done Anything For The Black Community’

Enes Kanter, a star of the NBA, went on CNN Newsroom with Pamela Brown and took a shot at basketball superstar Michael Jordan. Kanter, who was forced into exile from his own country of Turkey, has a lengthy history as a political activist and humanitarian. He has been in the spotlight more recently for his off-court accomplishments than for his on-court accomplishments.

My problem with Kanter is that he acts so woke sometimes. He was on CNN shaming people who didn’t get vaccinated. I remember him protesting at a BLM rally which isn’t a bad thing, but with the way he talks you would think that he isn’t woke.

Last week, Kanter used a handmade basketball sneaker to send a message to 17-time All-Star LeBron James, in which he called out the Los Angeles Lakers forward. A pair of Nike-branded sneakers featuring James being crowned by China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping was released, prompting speculation on whether or not James had conducted any study into allegations that claimed slave labor is employed in the production of his Nike-branded items.


Kanter changed the subject from James to Jordan while still talking about James which was stupid.

“There aren’t many people talking about Michael Jordan right now,” Kanter added. In addition to just contributing money to the Black community in America, “Michael Jordan has done absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing, for the Black community in America.”

Excuse me. In 1989, Jordan established the James R. Jordan Foundation to aid in the education of youngsters. Given that Jordan has earned more than $1 billion from his endorsement agreements with Nike, it seems that the foundation is not enough in Kanter’s view.


“I feel like we need to call these athletes out,” Kanter remarked of the situation. The fact that LeBron James is going out there and speaking for all of those who are oppressed in America is a positive step forward. Michael Jordan has done nothing for the Black community because he is preoccupied with his shoe sales across the globe and in the United States, and I believe that we must call out these players and not be afraid of who they are.”

I certainly can’t speak for Kanter, but I would guess his “end game” is the same as anyone else who speaks out about an issue—raise awareness. He’s absolutely right about what the Chinese government is doing, and I suspect that as a Muslim, he feels like he should speak up for oppressed Muslims but if he doesn’t know much about Michael, he needs to get educated before opening his mouth.

Jordan is not worse. The difference is Jordan is in the background silent, unlike LeBron. James is literally a hypocrite. It isn’t everyone’s purpose to speak on world issues. My people need to do better for ourselves and stop waiting on people, especially athletes, to save us. We’re damaging ourselves… terrible take Enes, terrible take.



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