Did Newsmax Just Seal Their Fate?

Did Newsmax Just Seal Their Fate?

I don’t know what Newsmax is thinking, but after this move, I think they may have sunk their ship.


Newsmax has been the “go-to” network for a lot of folks who ditched Fox News. They have some great stuff and good reporters, I really like Greg Kelly and Emerald Robinson, and I was also a HUGE fan of America First pundit Steve Cortes.

He’s one of the best out there, to be honest.

However, Steve is now OUT at Newsmax, because he won’t get the jab.

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Here was Steve said about the mandatory jab on Twitter:

Well, when the news came down that Steve is out, it took many people by surprise.

Bixpacreview reported that Newsmax host and former Trump advisor Steve Cortes is reportedly exiting the network after a very public fallout over a company vaccine mandate, calling it a “Medical Apartheid mandate.”

Cortes, also a former CNN contributor, joined the conservative network just six months ago as the co-host of a weeknight show, “Cortes & Pellegrino” with former One America News correspondent Jenn Pellegrino.


Earlier this month, Newsmax informed employees it would be implementing a vaccine mandate starting January 4, 2022. Employees will be required to be fully vaccinated by then, or subject to weekly COVID testing and wearing a mask.

Many other Newsmax hosts have spoken out against forced compliance, but Cortes’ campaign against the network’s mandate has been unrelenting.

Here are the comment from people online, who are not at all happy with this decision:

“Good for him @newsmax went full Biden Commie”

“Newsmax is moving to the ‘other’ side”

“Do not Comply! Stand your ground!”

“Are you serious? Sounds like newsmax is changing . Might have to find another news station.”

“Newsmax turned quickly. Must be the money!”

“@newsmax is changing to try to get more advertising dollars…they are spitting on the people and viewers that put them on the map”

“The best part about freedom is you can choose who to support… Bye newsmax”

I really think this move will cause some gigantic problems for Newsmax. This is a serious issue on the conservative side, and people’s emotions are running hot and heavy.

Cortes has stuck by his guns, and called Newsmax’s mandate “dictatorial rule” and said, “There is zero, and I mean zero, moral or ethical obligation for anyone to be compelled to get vaccinated.”

Cortes calls mandates “insane workplace discrimination.”


Good for him, for sticking by his guns.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Newsmax as we move forward.

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