NFL Star Just Announced He’ll Cover All Funeral Costs For Victims of Deadly Parade Attack

NFL Star Just Announced He’ll Cover All Funeral Costs For Victims of Deadly Parade Attack

What happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin was a terror attack. A man radicalized by BLM and other violent groups, who posted hate against white people and cops on his social media, got in his car, and purposely mowed down predominantly white people at a Christmas parade.


We need to call this stuff what it is. The media didn’t have a problem calling out the Charlottesville driver for plowing through the BLM crowd, labeling him a “racist murderer.” But this man, for some reason, gets a break. He’s not “racist” and the attack isn’t “terror,” it was an “accident” or a “crash.”


Meanwhile, last night an 8-year-old boy died of his injuries, and most of the media has stopped talking about it.

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You can tell how fake our news media is by the stories they don’t cover, as much as you can from the stories they do cover.

Most Americans know what is really going on here, and it’s disgusting what our media and political elite are doing to this country. The division and the “race war” nonsense is sickening, but it’s radicalizing some people and turning them into mass-murdering domestic terrorists. And then when it happens, the media and politicians turn away and ignore it or call it something else.

We’ve also seen people on the “right” go bonkers, too. Everyone needs to calm down, and radical/racist reporting needs to stop, full-stop.


But in the midst of all this ugliness and hate, some good sneaks through.

I read this story about an NFL player who’s from Waukesha, who has said he will cover the cost of all the funerals for the innocent Americans who died during that Christmas Parade massacre.

His name is J. J. Watt, and he’s a hero.

Clutch Point reports that Arizona Cardinals star J. J. Watt has showcased his good nature as a human being on countless occasions, never shying away from the chance to extend a helping hand to those in need. After the tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday, during which five people were killed and 48 more were injured after a driver struck into a group of people during the town’s Christmas Parade, Watt has once again stepped up.


It’s horrific that he even has to do this – but thank God he’s here to do it. I know it’ll help relieve some stress from broken families.

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