Jack Posobiec Shares His New “Insider Info” on Pelosi’s Next Move

Jack Posobiec Shares His New “Insider Info” on Pelosi’s Next Move

If you’re just catching up on politics today, you’ll be happy to know that the Republicans had a fantastic Tuesday. They won big in Virginia, huge blowout, they’re still fighting out races in New Jersey – which by the way, was supposed to be “Dem sure-fire wins,” and we flipped seats in Texas from blue to red. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for better.


The American people have clearly had enough of Democrats and they rejected Biden and the left in no uncertain terms.

So, after this political bloodbath (a term many Dems are using to describe last night) a lot of people are wondering what the heck happens to the Dems, namely Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer?

Well, many believe that last night basically ended Joe Biden’s so-called “presidency.” After all, how many senators and congressmen from purple states will want to risk political suicide by hopping o board with Titanic Joe?

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In addition, rumors are running wild that everyone can see the writing on the wall for 2022, and Chuck and Nancy will probably be retiring.

Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to get tangled up in an ugly and likely humiliating primary run against AOC, and as for Nancy, well, according to an insider “source” she’s also ready to hang up her commie boots.

Here’s what Human Events editor Jack Posobiec had to say: “Hearing Pelosi is telling people she is not running for re-election tonight. Doesn’t want to be tied to 2022.”


Here are some comments from folks online:

“I’d hope not. Most people retire at 66…. Except for Congress because they’d rather work until 115 years old for some super weird reason”

“She’s not running because the Fed is cracking down on policy makers trading stocks”

“The democrat party will be a regional power by 2024. Only in college towns and inner cities. WFH will result in a revitalization of small towns, leading to a rebirth of homesteading and growing your own food. Wokeism will all seem like a bad dream, a joke that never happened”

“We need to thank Joe Biden for finally getting rid of Pelosi…”

“We need to thank brandon for everything !!”

“She should; but we should be worried about what replaces her”

“…and then the witch got on her broom and flew over the moon. And everyone lived happily ever after.”

“She’s nearly 100!”

“She is 81 and will no doubt announce that she’s done all the good she can. She will passing the reins down to a 77-year-old, or something.”

“Hoping that’s not just the booze and ice cream talking.”

I really love that last one about booze and ice cream. Funny stuff.

I think the best part of this for me, is that the Dems unleashed “god knows what” to help them “win” an election with a sea of mail-in ballots, mass confusion, rule changes, and harvesting, and in the end, it was that very move that destroyed Pelosi’s career and forced her (finally) into retirement.


Because we all know that these political blowouts have everything to do with Joe Biden and his radical agenda.

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