Nancy Pelosi Just Got Caught in The “Past Tweets Coming Back To Haunt You” Trap

Nancy Pelosi Just Got Caught in The “Past Tweets Coming Back To Haunt You” Trap

I’ll tell you what, Joe Biden is making a mockery of everyone in his party. He’s doing all the work for us. We can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Joe is making President Trump look like the guy with the best ideas (which he is). Many of Trump’s policies that Joe and Dems condemned, they’re now bringing back and implementing.


Remember Trump’s amazing “Remain in Mexico” policy that helped keep the border under control? Well, right after Joe was installed, he quickly ended that program and the border turned into mass chaos.

Now, that policy will be reinstated – proving once again, Trump was right.

But there’s more – Joe Biden has made a complete and total mess of the COVID situation, and COVID was supposed to be his “strong suit.”

The death toll in 2021 has surpassed 2020. The vaccine is a disaster, Joe’s mandates are on the shelf, and now we’re looking at a “super-duper/hairy-scary” new variant that some are saying will cause more lockdowns, and those who are now “vaccinated,” will now be “unvaccinated” until they get that 3rd jab.

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It’s a mess. 

This new variant, which was identified in Botswana, South Africa, in 4 double-vaccinated people. But the health minister in South Africa is downplaying all the hysteria coming out of the US.


But, Joe has vaccines and boosters to peddle, so the new variant has prompted him to react with as much “fear porn” as possible. He’s now issued a US travel ban against Africa, something he and the Dems used as a weapon against President Trump when he did it. They painted Trump as a “racist” for placing America’s national security first.



And now, thanks to Joe, Nancy Pelosi is now eating a nice big plate of crow.

She’s gotten herself caught in the “haunting past tweets” trap, and it’s hilarious to see.

Look what Pelosi said about Trump’s Africa policy: “The Trump Admin’s expansion of its un-American travel ban is a threat to our security, our values and the rule of law. Barring more than 350 million people from predominantly African countries from traveling to the US, this rule is discrimination disguised as policy.”


Here are comments from folks online:

“But, but, but the science has changed! ARE YOU A SCIENCE DENIER???LOL” 

“The hypocrisy of these elites proves that what they say has nothing to do with how they feel, but rather what they think will be the most popular. They have no moral compasses, or ethics or personal creed. This is the type of person who dictates your lives.”

“Try getting in from anywhere without a poison jab. Not possible. But hey walk into the US through Mexico, no problemo…”

“Pelosi trashes on people’s freedoms for two years straight… then turns around and buys a $25M spread in Freedomland, USA. Hmmmm”

“I mean, between the 1994 crime bill, Biden’s friendship with Robert Byrd, and the amount of nonviolent criminals kamala locked away for years, ruining their lives, yes. This administration is incredibly racist.”

“don’t call them hypocrites, they don’t care, mock them for using Trump’s polices, that will sting.” 

That last line is true.


Dems don’t care if you call them hypocrites but point out that they need President Trump’s policies to bail them out of this mess, and they’ll wither and scream in pain.

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