[VIDEO] Rachel Maddow’s Reaction to Sickly-Looking Hillary’s Coughing Fit on Live TV is Priceless

[VIDEO] Rachel Maddow’s Reaction to Sickly-Looking Hillary’s Coughing Fit on Live TV is Priceless

Is Hillary Clinton okay? She looks absolutely ghoulish, and I mean more than her usual “ghoulish” look. She actually looks downright sickly. She appeared recently with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and looked at frightful as one of those demonic clowns in a horror movie. But besides the puffy, tired eyes, and the sagging “orange face” (Orange Lady Bad!), thanks to piles of stage makeup that looks like a funeral home director applied it with a putty knife, she also sounds like she’s on her last leg.


So much so, that it actually caught Maddow by surprise, and her reaction to one of Hillary’s classic “coughing fits” was priceless.

You’ll recall back in 2016, Hillary Clinton spent much of the campaign hacking up a lung and collapsing all over the trail, sparking questions about her health. Her people brushed off the concern, claiming she was fighting off a bout of pneumonia.

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Not sure what their excuse would be today – maybe she’s got COVID – but any way you slice it, Hillary looks and sounds terrible.

And as she was hacking away, Rachel Maddow appeared shocked, and then apologized to Hillary for “surprising” her, as if Rachel’s words somehow prompted Hillary to choke.

Watch Rachel’s expression, she seems genuinely taken aback by Hillary’s coughing fit. I am sure Rachel’s thinking, “DO I NEED A MASK RIGHT NOW, EVEN THOUGH THIS WOMAN IS IN A DIFFERENT STATE?”

You can watch the video below:


Hilarious. I love how these media hacks will do anything to cover an awkward moment for these aging political elites who are clinging to life by a tattered thread.


Instead, it’s the old “nothing to see here folks, just an elderly vaccinated woman coughing up a lung on live TV amid a so-called “pandemic” of the unvaccinated” approach.

Such unserious clowns.

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