Randy Quaid Sends a Big Message to Biden’s Legal Team With Scorching Tweet

Randy Quaid Sends a Big Message to Biden’s Legal Team With Scorching Tweet

Kyle Rittenhouse is a free young man, and he’s ready to start the next chapter in his life. And that new chapter will probably include becoming a very rich man, thanks to the communist media, and Democrats, including Joe Biden.


The media and Dems did not learn their lesson with Nick Sandmann, and now they’re facing the possibility of yet another tsunami of lawsuits for defamation, slander, and malice.

And the one guy at the front of the lawsuit pack is none other than Banana Brains Biden.

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During the campaign in a video ad, Joe Biden suggested Kyle Rittenhouse was a “white nationalist.” And then in an interview, Biden falsely claimed that Rittenhouse was part of a racist militia from Illinois.

Complete and total flat-out lies. But it’s not shocking, because that’s all Joe does – he lies.


Here’s what Kyle said about Joe Biden’s malice and defamation against him:

I gotta say, from the sounds of that clip, it really seems like Kyle and his team of lawyers are gonna go after Biden.

Wouldn’t that be some delicious irony? To watch Biden get owned by an 18-year-old Trump supporter?

Well, actor Randy Quaid is on board with that idea, and he believes that Joe Biden did indeed slander Kyle.

But it’s his new “catchphrase” that made me laugh, and I thought you’d like it, too.

Here’s what Randy said: “Joe Biden defamed Kyle Rittenhouse’s character with actual malice! Let’s sue Brandon!”

Ha ha, I love the “Let’s Sue Brandon.”

Here are comments from folks online:

“Hunter better start blowing more crack paintings” 

“Joe could win the case by pleading insanity, no jury would disagree” 

“Can’t think of a better way to end this nightmare than by an 18 ye old Trump supporter suing the diaper off Joe”

“Biden just shit himself again” 

” I hope Kyle sues this old buzzard and every news org out there” 

“All that lying and stealing for 50 years, only to have a teenager come take it away LOL”



I hope Kyle’s legal team gets cracking and starts pumping out these lawsuits ASAP.

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