[VIDEO] Ratcliffe Says He’s Seen “Classified” Docs Durham is Looking at Right Now and “More Indictments Coming” 

[VIDEO] Ratcliffe Says He’s Seen “Classified” Docs Durham is Looking at Right Now and “More Indictments Coming” 

This is probably one of the most important interviews of late that you’ll see on the Durham probe, and I highly suggest that you watch it from start to finish. I’ll do my best to give you a basic “outline” of what Ratcliffe says here, but it won’t do justice to the actual interview. He shares a lot of big and small “bombs” and “insider” stuff with Maria that is best heard directly from him. But it sounds like we may get some of that “justice” that we’ve been looking for.


Here’s the general roundup of what Ratcliffe said during the interview:

It was a crime to investigate President Trump because there was no probable cause.

He knows what John Durham is looking at. He gave him over 1000 documents that wasn’t declassified. Everyone involved in creating the dossier and peddling it is in criminal Jeopardy right now.

He’s been saying for a long time he thinks there’s going to be a lot of indictments. He’s not backed off of that and still continues to think there’s going to be a lot of indictments based on the information he gave to Durham.

He Shared information with his colleagues on the left and they knew it was true. They knew the truth but wanted to win the election.

Anyone involved in creating and peddling the Dossier is in danger.

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You can watch the video below:

Investigative reporter John Solomon also believes that more indictments are coming.


He has a unique spin, he believes Durham is looking at this investigation in “phases,” or “buckets” as John explained.


Bucket one is the Hillary contacts and bucket two will be the FBI.

Let’s hope both men are correct and we see some justice for this “color revolution” and “coup” the left unleashed on President Trump and the American people.

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