SNL Goes Makes Inappropriate “Joke” About Kyle Rittenhouse, Even Audience Groaned

SNL Goes Makes Inappropriate “Joke” About Kyle Rittenhouse, Even Audience Groaned

SNL hasn’t been funny for a while. Occasionally, they’ll have a mildly amusing skit, but for the most part, SNL is now a mouthpiece for the political establishment and corporate America. And honestly, that’s never “funny.” With SNL toeing the line for career politicians, giant corporations, and the mainstream media, the show now feels like “Regime Approved Comedy.”


There’s nothing unique or cool about it. It’s just a bunch of painfully predictable skits parroting left-wing regime politics.

So, you had to know they’d say something about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. And of course, since the Regine is seething with anger, SNL had to respond in kind, with a wildly inappropriate “joke” that attacked both Kyle and police officers.

Washington Examiner reported that Saturday Night Live lampooned the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict this weekend, at one point joking that “hopefully, he got all that shooting out of his system before he becomes a cop.”

The Saturday evening show opened with an imitation of Fox News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro, played by Cecily Strong, reporting on the Rittenhouse verdict.

Our top story, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges. That lovable scamp was put through a nightmare of a trial just for doing the bravest thing any American can do, protecting an empty used car lot in someone else’s town,” the comedian doing an impression of Pirro said. “Now onto our first guest. He’s as impartial as a dance mom clapping harder than anyone. Judge Bruce Schroeder.”

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“Well, it was all standard procedure. That’s why I ordered that the prosecution not use the word ‘victims.’ They were ‘rioters ,’ and they weren’t ‘shot’ — they were ‘gadoynked,” the judge character said. “But that did not give my client an unfair advantage in any way.”

The segment also featured a white female legal analyst from NPR alongside a black male Howard University professor to discuss the verdict.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” the NPR analyst said.

“I have, many many times,” the professor said back.

“All it does is send a message that any American can just prowl the streets with an AK-47,” the NPR character said.

“Any American?” the black professor asks.


But it was the weekend update skit that was so off-putting, even the NYC audience groaned.

“Hopefully, he got all that shooting out of his system before he becomes a cop,” Michael Che said.


Comedy took a big hit during the Trump era, and it hasn’t recovered.


Liberals are still so angry about everything, they just can’t be funny or talk about anything other than “Regime politics.”

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