[VIDEO] Kyle Finally Explains One Unanswered Mystery From His Trial, And Video Backs Up His Story

[VIDEO] Kyle Finally Explains One Unanswered Mystery From His Trial, And Video Backs Up His Story

Now that Kyle’s been found “not guilty,” he’s able to talk about that fateful night and share details about what actually happened.


And he’s now revealing something very interesting, and actually, quite scary that happened to him as he was being attacked.

The incident happened right at the moment armed ANTIFA activist Gaige Grosskreutz was coming after Kyle Rittenhouse. You may recall, that during the trial Gaige claimed he heard Kyle “re-rack” his gun. Kyle was adamant that he never “re-racked” his gun.

Well, now, we know exactly what happened.

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It turns out that Kyle’s rifle actually malfunctioned during the melee, and it happened right at the moment Gaige was barring down on him with a gun pointed at his head.

At that moment, Kyle noticed that his “ejection port” was open about an inch, and he hit the “forward assist” to close the ejection port.

Gaige saw him do that, and must’ve thought Kyle was “re-racking” his gun.


What a scary life and death moment that was for young Kyle.

You can watch the video below:

It’s remarkable how a 17-year-old kid, facing that kind of life-or-death pressure, was able to make a split-second move that likely saved his life.


I am convinced that Kyle Rittenhouse would make an amazing police officer if he decides to go that route.

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