[VIDEO] With Thanksgiving Prices Surging, College Students Admit Things Were Better Under Trump

[VIDEO] With Thanksgiving Prices Surging, College Students Admit Things Were Better Under Trump

There are rare moments when college kids actually stop and think rationally and you can actually reason with them. It’s not all that common, but it happens… and this video is proof of that.


After watching this clip, I realize now, more than ever, that what the major problem is with college kids, and actually, a good chunk of America. It’s that they’re ill-informed. And this happens when you have a propaganda mainstream media that cherry-picks stories and creates “narratives” to suit their political agenda.

You end up with a society filled with ding dongs who don’t know what’s going on. I think the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is the best recent example of that.

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The left was spoon-fed misinformation and wild ideology nonsense for over a year. And in the Rittenhouse case – factual speaking – it’s a cut-and-dry “self-defense” situation. But the left FREAKED out when the verdict was “not guilty” and believed it was an injustice because of the false reporting from nearly everyone in the mainstream media.

The same goes for these kids in the video below regarding inflation and high gas prices. When you take the time to explain to them what’s going on and ask them pointed questions that make them actually think for themselves, it’s like the light finally goes on and the hamster spins the wheel.


And that’s what happens here when Campus Reform talks to students about the high cost of Thanksgiving dinner and asks them if Americans were better off under Trump.

The left is an emotional beast. They are not “fact-driven” people.

Liberals react to how a situation makes them feel, rather than the merits of what’s actually going on. And the media knows this, so they provide these people with what they crave most: outrage and victimhood.


That’s great for their ratings, but it’s killing our country and society.

The one spot of good news in all of this is that CNN is about to be taken over by a guy who wants to return it to “actual news.” So, we’ll see if that helps.

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