Conservative Radio Host Jesse Kelly Explains Why Biden’s Sinking Approval Numbers Don’t Matter to Susan Rice 

Conservative Radio Host Jesse Kelly Explains Why Biden’s Sinking Approval Numbers Don’t Matter to Susan Rice 

You’d think if you were a political advisor and you saw sinking poll numbers like the ones we’re watching Joe Biden deal with, that you’d tell your “guy” reverse course and start doing things that the American people actually approve of, right? I mean, that’s the way aides handle these situations and the logical way to deal with unpopular politicians. However, with Joe Biden, that doesn’t happen. The man and his party get spanked in several elections, and his poll numbers in the recent USA Today poll have hit an all-time low of 38 percent, yet the Biden team goes full-steam ahead pushing all the things that Americans disapprove of, as if they have some amazing “mandate” from the people, and this has a lot of Americans very confused.


Well, if you buy into the popular theory that it’s not Biden who’s running the show, but his chief of staff Ron Klain and Obama’s right-hand gal Susan Rice, as Jesse Kelly claims, some of this might actually make sense.

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As Jesse explains, Rice and Klain are “committed communists,” and they are not the least bit concerned about Biden getting a “second term.” So, they’re basically treating his first term like most aides would treat a second term – with a “no holds barred” type attitude.

Kelly, who hosts a very popular national radio show, explains how the two of them will push forth their communist agenda as hard as possible, and destroy as much as they can until Biden’s gone, and then they’ll walk away from the smoldering rubble, pocketing millions a year in media and academia fees.


Here’s what Jesse said in response to a tweet about Biden’s abysmal poll numbers: “Susan Rice and Ron Klain run the White House. They’re both committed communists and neither of them are worried about Biden getting a second term. They’ll destroy as much as they can until he’s gone and then they’ll both be clearing $1 million a year in media/academia.”

See how this game works?

It’s not about Biden being “popular” or doing things that the American people want or need. It’s solely about him being the vehicle to push through as many hardcore items from the left’s communist agenda as humanly possible in this short time.

And sad to say, it’s the RINO Republicans who are helping make that happens.


We must stay focused on ridding the party of as many of these RINOs as possible because we can’t fight the left while they work to sabotage our efforts.

The truth is, 2024 is more important than ever. If Republicans regain the House and the Senate, and we get rid of the RINOs, I am confident we can stop a lot of what Rice and Klain want to do, or at least make it so we can undo their damage once this old senile buffoon leaves the White House.

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