Ted Cruz Calls Lincoln Project “Pedophiles,” and Warns Them to Stop Talking About His Kids

Ted Cruz Calls Lincoln Project “Pedophiles,” and Warns Them to Stop Talking About His Kids

Anyone who still calls the disgraced “Lincoln Project” Republicans, is spreading fake news. They are communist leftists. They fight for Democrats, they raise money for Democrats, and they vote for Democrats. If it walks, talks, and spreads communism like a Democrat, it’s a damn Democrat. But the fake news media loves to call them “Republicans” for obvious propaganda reasons. However, they are not Republicans. Their Stage 5 TDS exposed them for being the leftists that they always were, and good riddance to bad rubbish.


With that said, it’s actually baffling that these left-wing sickos are still a “thing.” Especially after all their failures; namely the weak and embarrassing “race hoaxes” we witnessed during the Youngkin/McAuliffe campaign.

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But the most egregious and disgusting scandal was the Lincoln Project founder using his power and position to troll for young men, and the other members who appeared to cover up for him.

It’s appalling the left would continue to support these ghouls, but they do, and now, these balding, obese men are out there talking about other people’s kids. And they made the big mistake of bringing up Ted Cruz’s daughters in a recent video after Ted called out “Big Bird” for spreading vaccine propaganda.

Ted Cruz wasn’t amused. He called out the Lincoln Projects as “pedophiles” who need to stop talking about his kids.

He didn’t hold back.


Here’s what Ted said: “The pedophiles at @ProjectLincoln need to stop talking about my children.”

It’s good to see Republicans like Ted Cruz fighting back hard like this and calling out these disgraced predators.

There’s no reason on earth that a middle-aged man should talk about anyone’s kids.


Especially a man who’s connected to a group that preyed on young men.

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