This Teen Was Awarded A “Make-A-Wish” Grant; Now He’s Feeding The Homeless For A Year!

This Teen Was Awarded A “Make-A-Wish” Grant; Now He’s Feeding The Homeless For A Year!

We all need more positive stories in our lives, correct? This one is a beatufiul one.

Abraham Olagbegi, now 13 years old, was born with a rare blood condition and required a bone marrow transplant to survive.

Although his transplant was successful, he was eligible for Make-A-Wish, an organization that grants wishes to children who are suffering from life-threatening diseases.

Abraham made the decision that he desired a wish that would last a lifetime.


According to Abraham’s mother, Miriam Olagbegi, “I remember we were driving home from one of his medical visits when he remarked, ‘Mom, I thought about it and I truly want to feed the homeless,'” told CBS.

That’s exactly what he did.

In September, Abraham received assistance from Make-A-Wish to plan a day of free food distribution in Jackson, Mississippi.

As a result, he added that after the homeless people get the plate, some of them return to sing to them and express their gratitude. “In addition, it simply feels incredibly nice, and it warms our hearts. And my parents instilled in us the belief that it is a privilege to be of service to others.”


However, Abraham’s request has not yet been accomplished. Make-A-Wish will assist Abraham in feeding the homeless once a month for a year with the assistance of the organization.

After Make-A-Request grants Abraham’s wish in August 2022, he intends to continue his charitable work with the homeless.

Abraham’s Table is the name he has chosen for his charitable endeavor, which he hopes to transform into a nonprofit organization.



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