[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals New Very Concerning Info About Joe’s Mental Health

[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals New Very Concerning Info About Joe’s Mental Health

There are many things the media does that “outs” themselves as complete fake news and propaganda… and one of those things that they’re doing right now is ignoring Joe Biden’s cognitive issues. We can all see what’s happening – the entire world is watching this raging case of Dementia or Alzheimer’s unfold right before our eyes, yet our media says nothing.


It’s really odd since this is the same media that was hyper-focused on President Trump’s health and his so-called weak “mental faculties.” Surely, our media would take one look at Dementia Joe, and feel horrified at his behavior and want to understand why he thinks his sister is his wife, and can’t get his words out, or remember simple things from the past.


Wrong. They don’t care. They literally have nothing to say about it. It’s as if it doesn’t exist.

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And that’s what they’d like for you to think.

The media wants to convince you that the raging Dementia or Alzheimer’s that’s taken over Joe’s brain is a figment of your imagination.

But it’s very real, and as Tucker points out, he’s heard it directly from members of Biden’s own family. They told him that nobody expected Joe would get the nomination, and when he did, they were shocked and scared because of his cognitive issues.

You can watch the video below (cued up to start remarks around the 10:25 mark):


America has a right to know what’s going on inside the man’s brain who is supposedly running the country.

And as Tucker pointed out, even beyond the “professional aspect,” what Joe is dealing with right now is a hard thing to watch unfold.


It’s sad and embarrassing to watch someone struggle and make a fool of himself. Senility is not something that should play out on the world’s stage, and his wife should be ashamed of herself.

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