WAPO Says We’ll be Eating Crickets For Thanksgiving, Due to “Climate Change” in a Tweet That Goes Sideways Fast

WAPO Says We’ll be Eating Crickets For Thanksgiving, Due to “Climate Change” in a Tweet That Goes Sideways Fast

The left is obsessed with eating bugs. They’ve been pushing this nonsense for a while now, but lately, as the “climate cult” swings into frenzied high-gear they’re really kickin’ it up a notch.



I don’t think Emeril Lagasse would ever serve cricket pie dough on his Thanksgiving table, but for the rest of us peasants, that’s what WAPO is trying to push.

Yes, in a tweet that went terribly wrong for the fake news peddler, WAPO suggests Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving by eating cricket pie dough, wild boar, lab-made turkey, and slimy kelp salads in the not-so-distant future, now that “climate change” has landed on our doorsteps. Apparently “weather” has never happened quite like this before.

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Remember when they called it “Global Warming” but they had to change the name? Ha ha. Good times…

Now, they say because of the rise in the ocean temperature, everything will be going haywire, and soon, all we’ll have left is lab meat and cricket powder, yet, all these liberals are buying oceanfront mansions…curious, right?

Here’s what WAPO said in a tweet:

“Wild boar. Kelp salad. Crickets in your pie crust. These are just a few things that may end up on Thanksgiving menus as climate change takes its toll on the planet.

Drought, blistering heat waves and raging wildfires have gripped much of the West, stressing crops such as wheat. In the Northeast, the fastest-warming region in the country, cranberries are budding earlier, making them more vulnerable to frost damage.

And in the Southeast, intensifying hurricanes, driven by warming oceans, are forcing farmers to move turkeys northward to drier ground. Climate change has officially arrived at our Thanksgiving tables.”


They even put together a creepy illustration:

WAPO got hammered in the replies from people who are sick and tired of the crazy left pushing their “bugs” as food.

“Holy sh*t f**k off. We aren’t eating the bugs”

“Yall act like the climate has never changed before Like mankind hasn’t had to adapt to new conditions Yall acting like pampered babies who refuse to change despite the fact change is the most historically natural thing ever”

“Nobody is putting bugs in their pies, enough with this crap.”

“Y’all post some pretty stupid sh*t, but you’ve really bumped it up a notch today.”

“So climate change is real and the sea levels are rising but Bezos just bought a 14 acre estate with private bay? Isn’t he afraid it’ll be underwater soon? Hmm, something doesn’t add up.”

“Oh jeez. Not the cricket food/recipes again from you idiots” 

“I will not eat the bugs. I will not live in the pod.”

“Thank you for politicizing a day of thanks into your stupid climate agenda. “

“I. Will. Not. Eat. Bugs. Stop.”

“Stop pushing bugs.”

“Can’t we use those bugs to feed the turkeys?”

“As far as climate change goes, tell your boss that billionnaires going to megalomaniac trips to outer space are the very kind of things we should ban (and condemn).”

“Nope. Not on my table. An overpriced Biden inflation turkey is what I’m serving.”

“Stop bumming everybody out on Thanksgiving”

“Stop making eating bugs a thing.”

“You’re so in touch with the American people, definitely not insane, and we don’t hate you. Keep up the great work.”

“Do your writers only read Harry Potter and The Hunger Games?”

“No. Kiss our collective ass.”

“The sad, lonely interns must have been left in control of WaPo while the people with lives to live went away for a few days…”

“we could just start cooking journalists instead”

“I’m so thankful today we have the Washington Post with us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have anything else to mock, ridicule, and torch on a national holiday.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care if the world was set to explode next week, I am not eating crickets and lab-grown meat.

But I think everyone who works at WAPO should.
They should stop consuming everything they tell us not to eat, and eat bugs, and lab meat, and live in a 50 square foot pod, with a mask on and 15 booster shots.
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