Alec Baldwin Deletes His Twitter Account One Day After Santa Fe DA Says Criminal Charges Aren’t Off The Table

Alec Baldwin Deletes His Twitter Account One Day After Santa Fe DA Says Criminal Charges Aren’t Off The Table

Just one day after the Santa Fe DA said that criminal charges weren’t being ruled out for Alec Baldwin, he deleted his main Twitter account.


The Today Show reported that the district attorney in Santa Fe County in New Mexico says charges are still possible against the three people, including actor Alec Baldwin, who handled the gun on the set of the movie “Rust.” Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed on set by a suspected live round that also injured the movie’s director.

This also comes after Alec went on ABC News and told a wildly disrespectful and hard-to-believe story that he didn’t pull the trigger and the gun magically went off by its self.

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This is Alec’s new story – notice how he’s no oh-so-subtly blaming the victim?

Popular podcaster Tim Pool said this: “So Alec Baldwins story is that the woman he killed told him to point the gun at her and pull the hammer back and then it went off killing her thats a fucking insane story dude should have just shut the f**k up”

This guy does not know when to shut up. It’s stunning to watch.

Fox News reported that Alec Baldwin has deleted one of his two Twitter accounts following his tell-all interview with George Stephanopoulos about the shooting incident that took place on the set of the movie “Rust.”

The actor had two verified Twitter accounts, one of which he was much more active on and was the one he used to previously issue statements about the fatal shooting incident that took place on the set of the indie-western movie in October. However, following his interview last week, it seems the star has completely deleted the account labeled @AlecBaldwin. However, his account @AlecBaldwln____ remains live with the latest tweet being from October 19. Prior to that, it was only active in June.


It’s unclear why the actor chose this time to delete the account. Representatives for Baldwin did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

However, the timing coincides with the debut of his interview with Stephanopoulos, which was his first formal interview since the on-set tragedy that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Among the many revealing moments from the interview was the assertion from the 63-year-old actor that he did not pull the trigger that resulted in the gun firing. Instead, he claims that he was rehearsing the scene with Hutchins and that it required him to pull the hammer back on the firearm.

Countless legal experts have come forward and said that Alec Baldwin screwed up big time giving that interview to ABC.

Speaking from a PR standpoint, I can tell you, that he has handled this entire situation wrong from the get-go. But the wrong way he’s handled it, but making it about him, and being unable to shut up, shows what a desperate narcissist he is.


And in the end, when a narcissist is cornered, they always do themselves in.

They can’t help it.

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