VIDEO: Irate Alec Baldwin Charges at Reporter With an Umbrella

VIDEO: Irate Alec Baldwin Charges at Reporter With an Umbrella

Alec Baldwin is losing it.


He deleted his main Twitter account on Monday, just after the Santa Fe district attorney said criminal charges were still on the table for him – and of course, also after that disastrous ABC interview, where Baldwin cooked up a cockamamie story about how he didn’t “pull the trigger.”

Many legal experts are shocked at how Alec is handling this situation. He can’t seem to stop talking. And the more he talks, the more trouble he makes for himself. In addition, he and his strange wife are treating this horrific nightmare as if it’s all about them. Recently, the couple was criticized for posting a bizarre “couples selfie” online after that wild ABC interview. Many people feel like Alec and his wife are trying to capitalize on the shooting death and spin it in their favor.

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What the couple should have done, was stay quiet, and work with authorities behind the scenes to make sure the truth came out.

He didn’t do that.

Now, Baldwin has made a spectacle of things, and he’s losing it, as a result.

And nowhere was that more on display, than when a New York Post reporter by the name of Jon Levine approached Alec and his wife Hilaria in New York City.

All hell broke loose, and “rage-filled” Alec lost his cool, yet again.

Alec came lunging at the reporter with an umbrella.


You can watch the video below:

Had Alec handled this situation with grace and respect, reporters wouldn’t be hounding him like this.


But he created this chaotic mess, and once you spin something into your own personal PR stunt, you can’t just decide when you want to turn it on and off.

And Alec is finding that out the very hard way.

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